🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! 🎷 - Round 3 A track that sounds like the end of the world

Opens on Tuesday.

A track that sounds like the end of the world.

Link to the league….



Playlist of top 3 from every round….

Prizes at end of league 5

1st Place - Pick 2 rounds
2nd Place - Pick 1 round
9th Place - Pick 1 round
13th Place - Pick 2 rounds and name league 6
16th Place - Pick 1 round
29th Place - Pick 1 round
32nd Place - Pick 1 round

Final round is decided by the person who wins the round - A favourite track from 2021- Part 2

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Quite concerned by the talk of jubilation and contentment in the other thread. I was looking forward to forty tracks of utter devastation.

I will submit something harrowing which I’ve chickened out of playing a number of times before now

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I’m going for unsettled, with a very tiny bit of devastated, then more unsettled.


I like this brief. Lots of possible interpretations which will hopefully lead to a wide variety of great tracks.

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Not got a scooby what I’m submitting for this round, I’ve been scouring my collection looking for inspiration and keep finding tracks, for other rounds!

Quite a wide range of ideas for this one. Have just voted in the last and I’m enjoying a comforting mid-table languish, so there isn’t any pressure.

Annoyingly the artist I considered for this round is currently doing pretty well in the last. Might still pick it

I don’t think GY!BE have enough tracks for everyone


That would be a long listen!

This is going to be loaded with post rock isn’t it?


the most harrowing piece of music I’ve ever heard has no vocals

Got a feeling it’s going to be long.

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Your track will be:

  • Less than 5 minutes, not post rock
  • Less than 5 minutes, post rock
  • More than 5 minutes, not post rock
  • More than 5 minutes, post rock

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what we are learning is that post rockers don’t vote in polls


I’m considering two songs for this round. I like them both equally. Should I go for…

  • The one which is between 5-10 minutes
  • The one which is between 10-15 minutes

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This is going to be an intense and long playlist and I already know paulo13 will hate it. As my swarn enermy this makes me happy

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most of my choices are over 10 minutes. I think the end of the world event will be at least that long

Will be surprised if mine gets more than 3 votes but it sounds exactly like the end of the world so I’m going with it anyway

I just submitted that one REM song so nobody else can and I’ll change mine at the last minute


I got my very good and obvious choice in!! Reckon I have a great chance to pull a few points back this time…

Narrator - “He didn’t…”

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