🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the Greatest 🎷 Round 5 - First Song of the morning

Music league round 5 kicks off on Friday. Theme First song of the morning.

Playlist feat top 3 from every league and round…

Link to Music League 5 - Music League

Every track that has previously featured on music league….


This is one of the most intriguing rounds for me and the one I’m struggling with the most…

Originally posted in the Round 1 thread when we were all giddy at the prospect of kicking off ML5.


I do love a bit of Dramamine on the way to work

Was going to use a Bill Callahan tune but Smog was used last round so back to the drawing board


Think I know what I’m going for. Artist hasn’t been used before as well which feels like a nice bonus

absolutely no idea what to pick. If you could all list your choices here so I know what type of thing we’re looking for, I would appreciate it

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Still not sure what I’ll pick yet. Will have a listen today, but have stuck a placeholder song in now in case I forget later!

Have a few ideas bouncing around but really not sure what I will settle on. I’m resisting the urge to just go with the track I have set as my wake up alarm.

This was going to be my choice until Smog came up in the previous round

I’m interpretting the theme as what music would I like to listen to while cooking a sunday morning fry up


Finally had an idea for this and it’s not on Spotify, ffs.

Part of me wants to choose the Muppets Theme just so we can say Joanna Newsom has been on Music League.

But instead I’ve gone for a song that gets me pumped in the morning.

I’ve wrestled with the same thing - there’s tracks which in my mind are inherently “morning-y” and then there’s a track that I have on my alarm that I like being woken up to…

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The band that wrote the track I’d like to use has had one use in a previous league. I think I feel OK with that, shout if y’all would prefer an unused artist.

nah that’s fine i think. don’t like repeated tracks but repeated artists is kinda unavoidable at this point


It that track is still the one I think it is then you’ll definitely get my vote

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One Fine Morning?

edit: oh never mind

For the first time ever I played an artist that someone else had already played in the last round and it didn’t go very well.