🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest - Round 6 - No Guitars 🎷

Starts on Wednesday. No tracks allowed that contain any type of guitar.

Music league Music League

Here are a list of artists and tracks that have previously featured on music league


Playlist feat Top 3 from every round…

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I’m torn between a few different approaches to the theme and really looking forward to whatever comes out of it. Feel like this has some real potential…

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Think I’m settled on my artist but we’ll see how things play out

No bass guitar makes this so much harder.

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looking forward to 40 Autechre tracks


I didn’t instead banning bass when I picked this round but happy to take it that way, could lead to a more interesting playlist.

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  • Allowed
  • You guitar be kidding, right?

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The brief is no guitars. If it’s got acoustic, electric, bass, 12 string or any type of guitar I ain’t voting for it!

Is double-bass OK? As used in skiffle? Wikipedia lists it as a string instrument and not a guitar.

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  • Ok
  • No-kay

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Ctrl+F banjo

Woo-hoo! Skiffle submission here we come!

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Stringed instruments aren’t guitars. So violin, viola, cello and double bass should be fine. And harp. And harpsichord. And piano.


Think this is the only round in this league where I knew exactly what I was going to submit as soon as it came up. Will have to be quick as I think there’s at least one other person who might try to submit it.

Would love to go for this tuba quartet cover of a Mr Bungle track I posted to minimal points a few rounds back.


If this round isn’t jazz heavy, i’m gonna be very disappointed. Then again, I thought the same about the saxophone round and that disappointed me, so i’m not holding out much hope haha

Saxophone round? Was that pre-season?

Oh no.

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the first rule of pre-season is we don’t talk about pre-season!