🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest - Round 6 - No Guitars 🎷

Personally I’m going to take the submissions in good faith. Providing no-one submits The Clash or something I’m not gonna be sitting around going “ah-hah, is that a hint of bass guitar I hear at 1:46, no points for you idiot!”


i know i normally love the pedants, but i don’t think anyone is going to freak out over a weird sound that maybe possibly could be a guitar

i think if you avoid anything that’s obvious slap-bass, power chords, fingerpicked folky stuff etc. then you’re all good

fuck off Bob I was writing that!


I will now be pedantic about anything that sounds like your pick, and award 0 points accordingly.


Was hoping to put a little bit more thought into my choice for this round but I got stuck working late last night and had to come into the office this morning so you guys are just going to have to deal with my poorly thought out pick for this round.

I’m really jealous of all of you for getting to hear my song fresh. I hope your songs are nearly as good as mine (except @JackLiquorice from whom I would welcome a rare mis-step).

Looking forward to seeing which Rage Against The Machine track you’ve gone for


We’ve both fucked it, 'badger. The crafty @Brainfreeze has made ML5 all about 13th place.


Will be very surprised if my choice is new to anyone but I think it’s good enough to pick up at least 5 points.

suddenly losing faith in the only artist I had intended to pick for this …

Accidentally picked Jaco Pastorius too, huh?

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all those harmonics tricked me!

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nice panicked last second track change in there nbd x

And we’re off


Smoosh!! what a pick

Only had a shortlist of two songs for this one and my song is right beside a pick from the same album as my second choice - good thinking someone.

I have heard of about 3 of these artists

I was just thinking how this is one the most familiar looking playlists yet for me, about half of these are artists I already like! You are in for a treat if the other half is as good.

I have found two songs with guitars.
Is one of them your song?
Is it?
Worry about it and think about your possible poor life choice while I hold back my precious points from your song.
This could have been avoided.


I was kind of hoping some wag might sneak a hidden guitar in somewhere. If I can’t hear it, I’m allowing it.

From this information I know exactly which song is yours (and you can probably guess which is mine).

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Only really like guitar music, so will probably just share my points around those who were baller enough to play me some guitars.