🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! - Round 7 🎷 A Single word artist 🎷

This round kicks off on Monday.

A single word artist


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Playlist feat top 3 of every round…

Every track ever used in music league….



What do we mean by single word artist? Is the implication that it’s single monikered people/solo artists only or is a one word band like say Doves eligible too?

Well, this will be a really hard one :grin:

I’m assuming it means any group or solo act using a single word name. So Radiohead would count but not if they were Radio Head. Not sure about Radio-Head though.

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I’d just go with any bunch of letters with no gaps in them


Thanks both, that’s helpful. I was struggling a bit for inspiration this round, but you’ll all be pleased to hear I can now remove Kiss From A Rose from my placeholder list…

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Got one artist for this that I’ve meant to play for ages. Not sure they’ll do well but I love them and think they’re v underrated so that’s enough

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This round was my choice.

Just one word, band or solo artist. I quite like it when every so often a round is less limited musically, makes for a broad scope.


So torn on this one. Go with something otherworldly that inexplicably isn’t getting Music League attention or much DiS attention in general? Shout one of “my bands” into the void in the hopes that a couple people might view them differently after hearing a different side of them?

The lack of Zwan on Spotify is killing me.

Maybe the best song of the past 20 years, just wait until that second half:

Unbelievably beautiful:

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hoobastank it is


Wish we somehow knew the League 6 categories, would make this easier to narrow down.

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can’t seem to build polls these days




  • A. O. K
  • N. O

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  • Absolutelyfine
  • Onewordmeansoneword

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  • Same rules as acronyms
  • they don’t even spell a word

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Someone’s already taken my song :sweat:

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Use mine it’s fine. I have a spare.


Cheers :smiley:! I hadn’t done other prep work so have rethink now

Well remember the ‘big 4’ thrash bands all have single word names. Just saying…


I’ve got a song/artist I want to use but I don’t think it’ll reach my new standard of 10 points this time. At least I’ve got a bit of a buffer from duck anyhow!

(I initially accidentally copied and pasted the link for a song I was considering for a future round, which wasn’t a one-word artist. So I’m glad I was paying attention to what I submitted afterwards, and didn’t spectacularly fail the rules!)

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