🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest 🎷 Round 8 - A track title that is a command

Round 8 of music league. A track title that is a command.

Starts on Saturday @ 12pm

League - Music League

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Only voting for commands I want to do.

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I’ve not found a song called ‘listen to Smashing Pumpkins’ yet, I’ll keep looking!

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I’ve found so very few songs with commands in their titles. Stupid indie pop musicians being too cowardly to order people about!

Looking for obscure commands here, none of this Jump or Shout bullshit


Looking forward to the pedantry over whether a verb in a song title is a command or just singing about doing that thing. :grinning:

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Really struggling with this one, everything in my library that’s a command is either really well known or Baltimore club tracks called things like Get Messy or Shake Dat Ass.

I see no problem here


Got a really good fit for this one, was gonna play a different (and tbh better) track from the artist on a previous round this league before realising another track on the album was perfect for this round.

Hoping for some fun picks this round.

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Got two great options and it’s upsetting me

I got my track sorted but have been torn between a couple of different options for it, including a live version.

I’ve had a taste of the double figures life these past few weeks and I’m not ready to give it up now…

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I may not get many points, but I’ve certainly chosen a strange command.


Moral victory for you

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Clever idea for a round, this one. Scrolling through song titles looking for a command has required Roy Castle levels of dedication. It’s going to be interesting…

Got at least 3 perfect songs for this.

4 points

Add them together and that’s 12 points!

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Someone’s picked one of these, think it could be a winner

Turns out I listen to loads of tracks that are instructions, and picking just one was a task.


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