🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest - Round 9 - A track that blasts you into or through the sky 🎷

This round starts on Thursday. A song that blasts you into or through the sky

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  • Into
  • Through

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  • rocket
  • airplane flies high

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Have something really special in mind for this one, really excited for people who have never heard it to experience it for the first time.

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  • Other modes of flight are available

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Also about the round, my intention was more for feel rather than the title or lyric approach. (People can obviously do what they want.)


Feel the same way about my track. Hadn’t heard it in a while and once I listened to it a few days ago I was straight on the artists website to see when they were next touring. It’s a fairly niche one though so could be on for my lowest points total.

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Not sure if my track fits but it’s good

I’m torn between

Space Cowboy GIF


Sky Reaction GIF by Robert E Blackmon


I have one track in mind for this, just one, and if I am beaten to submitting it I am screwed.

I have no idea what to submit for this. Will wing it and get two points. Though I wung the current one, and I’m doing pretty well there, so who knows what will happen…


I’m the same. Think my pick is pretty obscure and I’ll be okay, but you never know…

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So a track that kinda gives you a woosh hold on tight feeling?

Pretty much, but with a sort of intangible through the sky type feeling (if that makes no sense to you, then the hold on tight thing alone is totally fine).

Trying to think of some examples / counterexamples from songs I’ve already played that won’t mess up people’s submissions.

In my mind:

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Feel the same as all of you. It will be funny (for one of us at least) if we’re all thinking of the same song.


I have zero ideas for this or the round after. Whatever I choose, I feel will get less points due to there being only the loosest connection to the themes.

i’m also stuck on the journey round

Thanks so much, that’s helped me out heaps.

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I used to have only one idea for this round, so had to do my homework. Now found quite a few songs that fit the theme. I think it’s got to have a burst of energy that lifts you up.