🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest 🎷

Music League 5 is here!

Well done to @TAFH33 for winning and naming the league. The full name of league 5 is…

Billy Corgan is the greatest artist of all time and actually an extremely humble person despite what the bullying and consent manufacturing by the media would lead you to believe. We are all extremely lucky that our fleeting time in this world intersects with his, and we should start treating him with the kindness and compassion that he deserves. P.S. I love my wife.

Here is the link to the league where you can see all the upcoming rounds…


I’m still waiting to add in one persons round idea who hasn’t got back to me and the Christmas round and of course the Discobot draw….

I will reveal the winner around 0900 tomorrow morning.
The draw is to pick a round if you haven’t been lucky enough so far in league 5

Reply with the word IN to enter the draw…



Good rounds!

Get ne in that draw


What a day new round day is. Truly the most wonderful time of the year


Gonna need a little help with that first one.

Oh and IN.

@Marwood has a spreasheet for that.

IN. Going to be the only way I ever end up choosing a round.

See the round 1 thread I’ve just created

IN (love the title too)

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A ‘song that sounds like the end of the world’ Just the while of my record collection to choose from then. :smile:

Great rounds and the best League name so far @TAFH33


Smashing PumpkIN

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Put my dumb little fucking name in the draw please thank you very much yes.


I’d also like register my dislike of the league name and may use it as an excuse for leaving when i’m doing shit after 3 rounds.


Yeah, I guess so. May as well…*

*of course I’m fucking IN!



Some interesting rounds here, good work all involved and the league name is a classic.

Looking forward to putting together my shortlists this weekend.

Just when I thought I was out, I’ve pulled myself back IN


Some great rounds here! Have a few tracks that immediately came to mind for a bunch of them.