🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest 🎷

Trying to think of a way I can boycott the inevitable Christmas round, yet still get points from it.

I just hate Christmas music. I worked in a Christmas decoration department in a department store once and it ruined all Christmas music for me. The same fucking songs from September through to the beginning of January. Hell on earth.

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In it to compete in it!

fun rounds, though some will cause me some agonising I’m sure

enjoying the idea of the morning round, already got a few very literal ideas for that




New round has been added!

oh i have SO MUCH for that one

Been holding something back for ages in the hope this would come up.

Woke up at 3 am with regret and fear in my heart that I accidentally contributed to the memeification of Billy Corgan (even though I 100% meant what I said). Happy to see @Brainfreeze read my mind. Billy Corgan is the greatest.

I love these new categories. I feel so free.


In please. I am finding having to visit a thread with ‘Billy Corgan’ in the title quite upsetting. A sort of seasickness feeling washes over me when I see his name. I will try and get through this though.



IN please :slight_smile:

Just curious about the specifics of the Halloween round. Is it actual Halloween songs / songs that directly reference Halloween? Or a more general atmosphere thing?

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Just Halloween / spooky vibes or titles related to Halloween

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I think anything vaguely ‘spooky’ in atmosphere or about ghosts, monsters etc is OK.


Once the Discobot round is added I will add the Christmas round. League 5 and the Christmas round will finish on Christmas Day! Talk about timing!
You get to open your presents then see the final results for league 5!



I love the idea that it’s only allowed to be ‘vaguely spooky’. Gotta hit that zone exactly between ‘not at all spooky’ and ‘quite scary’. Really difficult but brilliant round.