🎷 Music League 6 Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time - Round 10 A track from a Debut Album 🎷


This Round Starts tomorrow!

A track from a Debut Album

Playlist with ALL tracks featured across all 6 leagues!

too much, a new underrated debut? something older that everyone’s forgotten? argh

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Mine will get 1 point, maybe 2 but I’m playing it anyway. Need to get it out of my system.

how do we feel about singles from debut albums that haven’t come out yet?

  • allowed
  • no

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I’ve said no, but if documented proof can be provided that it’s on the tracklist for an upcoming album then I can be swayed. If it’s just a single without word of it being on an album then my no will stand firm.


I mostly don’t have any idea what is or isn’t on a debut album so not sure how to approach this one. Will probably pick something by someone who’s only ever released one album to be on the safe side.

at the start of the league, i was doing very badly so i shortlisted some fun stuff that will get maybe 5 points at most. however, since then i’ve unexpectedly started doing well enough to care about points again… the urge to self sabotage is strong… but i want to win

n.b. (by “win” i mean beat @JaguarPirate to a pulp)


(the album i’m thinking of is being released in the next few weeks)

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i’m doing enough of this without meaning to so …

it's on GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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I’ve changed my vote to Allowed. Besides, I always do prefer to have new songs on Music League, so that really should have been my default answer anyway!

now i just have to decide which single!

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Surprisingly hard this given that literally every artist whose ever released an album is eligible.

There’s a load of canon options that I don’t really want to play, and then once you get beyond that it becomes a minefield of:

  • was their debut the first album listed on spotify or cd-r from two years earlier on wikipedia?
  • is it still a debut if they released it after a name/significant line up change?
  • Eligibility of solo projects after band disolution?
  • what looks like a first ‘album’ after earlier EPs, mixtapes etc

I will fight anyone who takes my choice in this round. Or go to my backup. But after that… we fight.

Still not sure what to go for in this round. Do I go for an absolute classic from a debut album that will get very few points or something very obscure that will also pick up minimal points?

dunno. there are lots of debut albums aren’t there

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not enough imho


I think I’ll be more inclined to reward songs that are perhaps overlooked gems on unfancied debut albums by artists with a more well known later catalogue than, say, a track from a debut album that came out this year. Not actually imposing a rule, but I think that where I would ordinarily favour new acts, if someone was to go to bat for a tune on something akin to a Pablo Honey I feel that would be more in the spirit of the game and I’d look favourably on it.

PS I won’t be giving points to anything on Pablo Honey, that’s just an example.

changes submission…