🎷 Music League 6 - Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time! 🎷 Round 13 - Alcohol

This round starts today at Midday and is the final round of League 6!


League places will be decided by the league table on the App.

We are still getting repeat songs which I’m generally not a fan of. Here is list of all submissions across all the leagues….

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This has been very helpful, don’t think the link has been posted in awhile.



Yeah I didn’t like round 4 either…

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Does it start today? Music League app says we have till tomorrow lunchtime to get the votes in for the movie round. If that’s not right I regret to inform my boss that I won’t be doing much work this morning….

Yep starts tomorrow. My mistake!

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Code for: don’t even think of playing Drinking in LA.


Repeat songs don’t bother me. If I like it, I’ll vote for it over and over.

Didn’t have you down as a Hot Chip fan.


Honestly don’t think I know any Hot Chip songs other than that haha. Always used to get me on the dancefloor back in the day, though.

I danced to it once in 2005. If I heard any djs playing it after that occasion then I’d simply approach the booth to explain that they’re playing a good song but that I prefer to save my dances for songs I hadn’t heard before.


me n @jamos going into this round


been ready for this showdown ever since the round was announced. funny if it turns out we’re not thinking the same thing after all now

most likely we’re not cos there are a plethora of options but i bet if we both laid out our top three choices with this round (with artists that havent been used yet) we’d have overlap



lol dying

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Looking forward to absolutely fucking this final round and falling off the podium completely after leading for almost the whole league.


How are you sleeping at night?!

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NOTE this is my round, my intent was to make a round very similar to the food one I set in pre-season - just any refence to alcohol, in the title or lyrics, would qualify (bonus points for naming a specific brand or cocktail name etc)

but I like the expanded version of the round description @Brainfreeze made that includes effects of alcohol too, like hangovers, so that’s all good. If it references or is about alcohol, it’s good with me

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Thought of a good one at the last minute