🎷 Music League 6 - Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time! - 🎷 Round 6 a track from 1991

Here’s the link if you want to play!


Here’s the leaderboard….

Round 6 - A track from 1991 starts on Thursday!


I’m not participating any more but will be up for listening to this playlist

Keep finding stuff from 93 when researching this

And that’s a shame @anon73286315 , hope you come back later!

I knew it was the beginning of the end when you were being nice to @paulo13


I will! Was sick for a week and lost motivation and don’t feel super inspired for picks at the moment. So giving it a rest to jump I’m on a clean slate next time


Oh? Sorry to hear that. Any particular reason?

Ah, never mind, you’ve answered just above my post!

If it’s any consolation, I only got 4 points in the last round, and I’m currently sitting on zero points in this round - it’s not over for you yet!

Otherwise I am more than happy to claim this league victory over you.


Whatever makes happy makes me happy :blush:

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Can someone post a list of all the songs from 1991 please

  1. smells like bean and grit
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Playlist will be more

  • Classic rap
  • Slacker indie

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Took 5 goes to find something that hadn’t already been taken. Happy with my choice though.

Can’t believe we’re on to round 6 already - this league has flown by!

I see we’ve just moved into the half of the league named by Jamos…


5 actual songs gone or just artists already used?

Was just thinking about how well we self-regulate the repetition of artists given it is possible to submit a different song by an artist already used but it’s been ages since somebody actually did.

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Gone with this, thanks

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first choice artist had already gone at 12:02, ffs. different track, interestingly.

does everyone else still get the ‘round starting’ emails? mine randomly stopped a couple of months ago

Mine go into my spam. I’m happy to keep it that way!

yeah I still get them. the round opened at 10.13 when the previous one ended and i got a round is finished email then. Not sure if theres a notifications setting that needs turned on?