🎷 Music League 6 - Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time! 🎷 Round 7 - A track with the word Song in it.

Starts Today…

A track title with the word ‘Song’ in it.

  • Had no ideas
  • Have loads of ideas
  • Have found such a perfect pick that it renders my shortlist void
  • Feel the pick is too good and want to choose something more obscure
  • Panic

doing better than usual in league 6 and desperate to cling on

i don’t even care about getting to pick a round or any of that stuff, i just want the street cred

could be the first time you finish ahead of me since League 1

I’ve created a “Song Songs” playlist and there is a lot of great stuff in there. Some really obvious things, some proper cheese, some stuff that I wouldn’t dream of playing in Music League. Don’t know what to play!

  • really obvious things
  • proper cheese
  • stuff that I wouldn’t dream of playing in Music League

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I managed to be the very first submission :smiley:



Bah. It looks like you didn’t go for who I was hoping you’d go for (DK), so now I’m disappointed you got your first choice! :smiley:

gone for something I reckon will be very polarising

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Absolutely no idea for this. For some reason the only “song” song I can think of is Earth Song, which I probably won’t play tbh.


managed to get this, at least until i panic change

hmm i actually can’t think of what track you were expecting! maybe i’m not as predictable as i thought i was

with label differences i have a slight worry that my track might not be available on US Spotify

Chose the only song I know and like. I feel it’s far too big to do well, though.

I was hoping for my favourite David Kitt song song.

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ahhh i didn’t think of that actually (when you said DK i was trying to think what Dead Kennedys songs do I know with ‘song’ in the title)

i’ve only managed to play Kitt in his New Jackson persona so far, i should try and squeeze him in somewhere eventually

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Woohoo this is my round! Chosen pretty much so I could submit a particular song song. I look forward to my 4 points


‘song’ songs was a round idea i had in the back of my mind too. considered widening it to include ‘ballad’ or ‘blues’ in the title as well