🎷 Music League 6 - Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time 🎷 Round 9 - A track performed in a foreign language

This round Starts on Friday…

A track performed in a foreign language…


Every track previously used in Music league…

A good playlist AND resource

I almost want to rejoin just for this one


I think I’m going to win this round.

Edit: I was wrong.

For once, I actually have a fair few options!

Do it

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Got a million possibilities for this but going to play something I’ve had in reserve for ages. It will not score well.

was gonna play an older (better) track by the band I used for the DiS Song Contest, but found a few more options since then

Have one album I’ll probably play from, but have about 4 competing tracks to pick from on there

So then does this round mean any song not sung in English, or does it mean a song where the artist is singing in a language that isn’t their first language (ie. A french person singing in English)?

I’m guessing the former, but just thought it should be clarified.

I did wonder that myself @Spen78 and I sure hope it’s the former as that’s what I’ve been working to!

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Do Welsh, Cornish, Gaelic count?


i’d say so

i was gonna play a song in Irish but going for something else instead

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trying to decide between a couple of tracks by the same bilingual artist

there’s a good one that breaks into a bit of English at the end but i don’t know if the pedants will turn on me at that point

I was just thinking about this - as long as the song is like … 80% non-English, I think that’s totally fine.

I still think of, say, Spanish Bombs by The Clash as being an English-language track even though it has a few lines of Spanish, so surely the reverse is true too

at it

opposite of at it, surely

I ruled out a few tunes because of this and am gonna save them for the ‘track performed in two languages’ in ML27.

Pedantry spoils your score a tiny bit, I’m sure, but it spoils your mood even more!

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Welsh is a foreign language?

if you’re not welsh, sure


i’ve gone for one with no English in the end anyway as it’s shorter

it will be when the UK’s glorious breakup arrives yes