🎷 Music League 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme gravy tonight 🎷 Round 1. Repetition

Here it is….

League 6!



This is currently the only round I’ve had an idea for so glad to make sure I got it before anyone else.

Placeholder submitted, in the back of my mind I’ve got a niggling feeling about a really good pick for this, just hoping i remember/find it before the deadline. The placeholder track is also good though.

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End of league 5 leaderboard. Well done everyone!


Here is the playlist of top 3 tracks from every round…

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Here is the list of every track used across all leagues…



Damn you whoever picked Veloso

Mine definitely has a few fun repetitive elements, but you need to get like a minute into the song before they get revealed

Just an FYI for the judges

Ah man, I wanted to play


Impossible Soul

so badly, but it’s far too long. Happy with my choice though

Have added a 4 minute placeholder song which I might be happy with. Although I do have another song I had been considering for a while, but it’s 9 minutes long and I think this might be a long round…

Missed that this had gone live and someone’s already submitted the song inspired me to pick this as a round theme! Partly annoyed, and partly pleased that someone’s gone for it.


Double check just before submission! That’s happened me to a few times where I’ve had a song I really wanted to play, it was already taken and then it didn’t show up in the final playlist anyway because someone else changed their mind

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Was tempted by the Disintegration Loops. Went for something almost as anti-social.


Apologies @Brainfreeze I think I changed my submission 8 times this morning for this opening round but I am now very happy with my choice* and am sticking with it.

*so 6 point max then.

Ah! just remembered something by someone that has various versions with various contributors on Spotify. It flagged orange, and seemed to check the artist on their own as well as with the contributor, which is good. Would be a bit frustrating if it only checked for the specific combination of contributors.

  • Musical repetition
  • Lyrical repetition
  • Both
  • Neither (lol what am I like)

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Mine has both but way more on the musical side

i love repetition but somehow i’ve gone blank here


Had money on a certain Fall song this round, possibly from you. Maybe too obvious though.

crossed my mind but thought it too obvious yeah!

tons of Fall songs would work actually but i’ve played them before so trying to think of something else