🎷 Music League 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, gravy tonight 🎷 Round 2 A track that Fizzes with energy 🎷

Round 2 kicks off on Friday.

Theme: A track that Fizzes with energy.

Prizes at the end of league 6 are as follows…

1st Place - Pick 2 rounds and Name the league.
2nd Place - Pick 1 Round
3rd Place - Pick 1 round
13th Place - Pick 1 round
16th Place - Pick 1 round
19th Place - Pick 2 rounds
35th Place - Pick 1 round

There will also be 2 participants to select rounds decided by @discobot

Here is a link to music league if you want to join!



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Just thought I’d remind everyone of the list of tracks/artists previously featured….


Maybe I’m confusing myself, but I noticed that the songs from the Halloween round are missing from the spreadsheet.

@Marwood - would it be difficult to add them at this point?

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is feature the music league hall of fame…

League 1

1st @brightlight
2nd @Rolley1982
3rd @Spen78

League 2 - The Yeoman’s Revenge

1st @mrm
2nd @Octobadger
3rd @Murder

League 3 - With a vengeance

1st @Badgerdeluxe
2nd @hesastopsiiiiign
3rd @BobRickerton

League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder

1st @TAFH33
2nd @JackLiquorice
3rd @collectiverumbling

League 5 - Billy Corgan is the Greatest Artist of all time!

1st @JackLiquorice
2nd @McGarnagle
3rd @Octobadger

As you can see the most successful music leaguers are @Octobadger & @JackLiquorice who have two podium finishes each. :blush:


haven’t decided on this yet but have at least 3 very good options, so feeling happy

Good spot, not sure how I missed that round off of the doc. Thanks, I’ve added that in now.


Probably my proudest DiS achievement! :slight_smile:

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I’m at a loss for this. Turns out everything I listen to is either boring midtempo or mournfully slow.

Very excited for this round.

Anonymous poll

  • I’m going to pay attention to the “fizzes” part of the criteria
  • I’m not going to pay attention to the “fizzes” part of the criteria / don’t understand it, and will just be hoping people vote for my song anyway

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No idea. Very much in the “don’t really understand what this round requires” camp.

This will be one of those heartbreaking rounds where I submit one of my absolute favourite songs and it gets four points

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As soon as I saw this round I knew there was only one real choice. :smile: And it’s not Smashing Pumpkins.

I think I understand…


Is the round creator not expecting 43 blistering punk songs because I would absolutely love that tbh


Submitted a placeholder but am sorely tempted to submit something properly obnoxious for this round. Will depend how I’m feeling tomorrow morning.

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Bouncy :white_check_mark:
Catchy :white_check_mark:
Poppy :white_check_mark:
Fizzy :white_check_mark:



sort of half paid attention to it, there’s definitely an energetic element to it, but mainly used it as opportunity to play a song i like that i couldn’t smuggle into any other round

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Definitely think the fizzing part is important. I could play a thousand songs that are full of energy, but how many of them fizz as well?