🎷 Music League 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, gravy tonight 🎷 Round 2 A track that Fizzes with energy 🎷

Submitted, really surprised my act hadn’t gone already. You lot are going to be kicking yourself when I run away with the lead get six points


I picked a song with percussion that sounds like it fizzes

Someone else has already picked my artist, which I always find significantly more annoying when it’s one of these really vague rounds.

did anyone explain what “fizzes” means in the context of the theme?

Nope - but we are all going to be incredibly pedantic about tracks that do not meet our own “fizz” quota.


I’ve chosen to take it like when you shake up a coke and open the lid and it all fizzes/comes out :woman_shrugging:

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im just gonna read it as ‘a track that thizzles with energy’ until proven otherwise


KINGMAKER’D! (not sure it was necessary for whoever uploaded that to include the casket picture though, kinda kills the song’s vibe somewhat)


didnt even notice lol

I’ve gone for one that fizzes with energy through ther performance and attitude. Its bursting with fizzy energy

2 points

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From the ML6 General thread

Something that’s damn tight could work. I was thinking about beats and rhythms but it could easily be sounds or vocals.

Man, it’s hard finding words to describe music.

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Got a band that perfectly fits the bill. Their music, however, certainly does not.

Funny how brains work. After @Iceblink asked about fizzes, I started thinking of words, then I thought about crisp, fizzy drinks and Stewart Lee’s “give it to me straight, like pear cider that’s made from 100% pears” popped into my head.

Then I remembered he was touring and I’d forgotten to get tickets and managed to grab a couple of the last few remaining for my home town.

And I’ve been watching Stewart Lee clips every day since.

All thanks to the power of Music League.


And now I’ve checked for Belfast dates and there are none.

Fuck you Music League


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He’s on the latest episode of the full disclosure podcast.

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There’s one song that was used in a prior round that might objectively be the best single answer for this round, and for some reason I’m taking it as a personal failing.

Overwhelmed by the amount of choices that just aren’t that song.

Yknow - buzzy, zingy, zappy, springy



It’s been a while since we last had 311. I’m sure people wont mind