🎷 Music league 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Gravy tonight. Round 4 - A track that’s appeared in main music league before 🎷

The Brief for this round is a track that’s featured in the main music league before but not league 6 and it can’t have been previously entered by yourself.

Here’s a link if you’d like to join music league….


All the tracks previously entered….

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This round starts on Monday!

Not sure I get this round

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  • Picking a song I discovered through Music League
  • Picking a song I already knew

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  • Picking the song I think is best
  • Picking the song I think will score highest
  • Picking a song I think deserves a reappraisal based on how it performed before
  • Other

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Feel like scoring could be wild on this one


not into this one really (sorry whoever picked it) as a big part of the fun of music league is finding new stuff, so it’s hard to be enthusiastic about a playlist where you know you’ve heard everything. playlist should be good at least i guess


Could yet be full of all the bottom placed tracks …

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  • Will kingmake anyone who picks one of my songs

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Not sure of this round either. I like the chance of discovering new songs, or picking a song that other people haven’t heard. Think I would like it more if we could only choose a song that got less than 10 points or something, but who knows, maybe the runaway winners last time might not do well this time.

Mostly I’m worried that more than 10 people will pick my songs, and I won’t know how to dish out my points.

I’ve decided on a song that I’ve discovered from ML and really liked. haven’t planned enough yet for a backup if I don’t get my pick though, so might be a quick bit of homework again if that happens!

It has ruined my run of not picking an artist that has been on music league before though, darnnit.


sometimes the bottom ones are better than the winners imo


Glad we all agree that picking something that’s already been on the podium is rank cowardice.


How are we going to police this? It’s not clear who submitted it until the round is over

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To be honest, I’m just gonna take people’s word that they’re playing a song that’s already been played.

Not my Round choice but I guess it takes honesty and good will from participants. When we did number 1 the day you were born my song was shit but I kept true to myself and resisted the urge to pick an all timer! Others were honest too because we had some stinkers in that round!

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Not really into this round…all the long established players will probably know the hidden gems in that giant spreadsheet that we all have to pick from and I don’t know if I have the energy to try and keep up with everybody else in this round. Unless I have a moment of inspiration I might just sit it out and spend the week listening to the Smashing Pumpkins.

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can’t really remember which songs i liked tbh

I’ve been keeping a playlist called Best Of Music League where I’ve been dropping the songs that were new to me and that I was particularly taken by. Going to give it a list before the deadline and pick whatever I liked best on the day.

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Picking something I like that I think is underrated and was pleasantly surprised to see someone else pick it before. Scored well enough but deserves more.

This is only my second league so I’m looking forward to this round, but I can see why those who’ve been doing this a while are less enthusiastic. (This isn’t my round)