🎷 Music league 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Gravy tonight. Round 4 - A track that’s appeared in main music league before 🎷

The rounds move on so fast that I often forget to go back to the artists I discover, so it’s been a welcome opportunity to go back over some old playlists trying to remember who they all are and finally getting round to collating my highlights.

@theShipment 's playlist of all ML submissions is incredibly helpful:


Got a load of tracks I’d be equally happy to play in this round. Just going to wait and allow others to pick them off and see what little orphans need adopted by the end.


I had only one choice for this - gave it an almost kingmaker score when I first heard it and am still completely in love with it.

I look forward to receiving all four of the points coming its way.

The problem is all the best tracks were the ones submitted by me


Now to decide which of the 500+ songs I have on my “DiS Music League Discoveries” Spotify playlist I am going to pick for this round.

Haven’t given this one any thought at all so have picked a placeholder while I check the full list. Would prefer a list of rediscovered gems rather than greatest hits but if Music League has proved one thing it’s that I can’t rely on you people for anything.

This one is my round. Thought it would be funny to be honest. Plus there’s no way to misinterpret the round and it stops people adding their own voting criteria. It’s solely about the song.


I think I may have been subconsciously trolling… :thinking:

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I think it’s a great idea for a round since it allows people to take stock of the fantastic music they’ve already discovered on the league.


True. There may also be people playing who started in the later leagues and will still find new stuff. And even people who have played since the beginning may be in a the right headspace now for a song they may have initially dismissed.

OK, i’m happy I chose this round now haha

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Oh my sweet summer child


@TAFH33 is going to make the most of that one time that someone else picked a Smashing Pumpkins song instead, isn’t he?


Looking forward to this round. Get the glory of picking an all-timer that someone else did all the hard work selecting.

Hehe :smile:



Tip of the iceberg…

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Didn’t realise that the Karen Dalton song I chose for the last round had already been played, so in a way I guess that means I can pick whatever I want this time around…

Obviously not really - I know exactly what I’m picking for this, was a song that blew me away* when I heard it and want to express my thanks by picking it.

*I was really hammered, still love the song though

I had a song I submitted in an early league round that bombed but then was subitted again in a subsequent league and got massively more points that time. Might pick it again (based on the other person’s submission) because by that logic it is a guarenteed round winner.


Think this’ll be a good playlist and I don’t mind repeated stuff cos I won’t remember most of it, really not enjoying the selection process though. Got no idea what to pick

spreadsheet would again be fun for this, to see why people chose their particular tracks out of all the available options

unless all the comments were just “ITS A FUCKING BANGER” (which is my reasoning tbf)