🎷 Music League 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Gravy tonight. 🎷 Round 5 - A track from the 1950’s 🎷

This round kicks off on Saturday

A track from the 1950’s



Top 3 from each round…

All the tracks used….

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Looking forward to this. Got a long shortlist but one track that stands out I think

hopefully this is like 50% jazz


An average ML playlist then?

have i been missing all the jazz submissions?

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I’ve got one option for this. If someone gets in with the same artist before me, I’m afraid we’re going to be in for a double on the playlist.

hopefully this is like 50% blues


Hoping for 25% rock & 25% roll here.

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50s jazz*

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hopefully this is like 50% country and 50% western

have we covered the bases yet?


Hoping there’s some doo wop, rockabilly and r&b/soul on the playlist too.

I thought I’d settled on a pick, but the more I think about this round, the less idea I have of which direction to go in…

Really looking forward to this round. Whilst the pool of genres is a lot smaller than later years, that pool is mostly things I really like and not really anything that I’ve got no time for. Having lots of fun researching it too.

Gotta get in quick with this one, got a feeling there will be a few vying for the same songs

I’m looking forward to it too, but I am moreso for the hidden gems rather than the big hitters. This will be a great round for POC musicians

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I picked this round and someone’s nicked my song. gonna cry


Might come up with something else later, but so far went for something pretty low key but which is a mini ear worm

Rushed in as the second person to pick a song after getting the email, as there was one song I really loved from the 50s. Otherwise I had a backup unknown kinda song that I discovered whilst trying to investigate, but I needed some points from this round!

Was 11th to submit and my first choice artist was already gone. Got another pick in quick, and now listening back to my shortlist I’m caught in about ten different minds. Need a follow up 50s round at some point…

ffs, beaten to my first choice. was getting ready to pounce at 12, didn’t consider it starting early

can’t believe i’ve beaten you all to your first choice, hope you aren’t going to be spiteful about it and not give me points now