🎷 Music League 6 - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Gravy tonight 🎷 - Round 8 Medicine


This round starts tomorrow at Midday.

The theme is anything related to the world of medicine

Here’s the leaderboard

Every track featured on music League…

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So words like Doctor or Bandages are allowed? It doesn’t have to be a form of medicine itself?

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Theoretically I should ace this one…

Yeah this is my pick. It can be anything. Medications, medical conditions, nurses, hospitals, doctors, ambulances etc.

Oh interesting. I had a song in mind but this widens the scope somewhat.


  • medicine
  • devil

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The proper app has been released, looks fancy


Immediately knew what song I wanted to play for this round, haven’t even bothered looking at any alternatives

Will probably get 2 points


pretty sure my pick isn’t going to go down very well. sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the hate


Another one where I have absolutely no ideas.

Someone else has picked my song choice because I was too slow. Never experienced this before. Not sure how to move on with life now


I can’t wait to see what people think of my pick.

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Only had one idea for this and it’s fun and funny so I don’t want to change, but feels too middle of the road dis to be a bit hitter in the points department

Reckon I could be on for even less points than the 5 I got last time with my choice for this round

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Keep trying? It’s classic DiS behaviour to change submissions all the time. Changed mine 3 times already… back and forth between a ‘love this, first thing I thought of when I saw the round title, DiS will shrug’ tune and a bunch of ‘like this and think it’ll do OK’ tunes.

Going with the tune I already love but furiously playing the tunes I like to see if I love them within 24 hours. Madness. Might need a ML break at this rate!

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Weed is perscribed for medial use so its medicine.

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Is there a statute of limitations on picking a song that’s already been done?

10 leagues.


Listen to @paulo13 theyre wise

Was waiting for something like this but it seems pretty slow to load and annoying on my phone