🎷 Music League 7 - The cult of music league 🎷 Round 11 - A track from 1982

Just checked, never been played.

these were my alternatives, went in a completely different direction in the end


My backups were both picked - so expect some points from me.

Might have gone for Haircut One Hundred if my others weren’t available.

Surprised nobody went for this!!

AM version

almost played this one, surprised to see no one else did


Meant to check if that Hiroshi Yoshimura album came out in 1982, had an inkling that it did but couldn’t be bothered in the end.

we had a bit of a chat about this in https://community.drownedinsound.com/t/how-good-was-the-year-in-music-1982

that’s the rerecorded 1987 version (with True Faith drums and better singing) that we all know and love.

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Was between 3 choices for this, Mission of Burma were already taken, and was also considering something by The Fall, but I was out and about all day yesterday so as soon as my choice was accepted I just went with it. Good song though.

I haven’t heard that Donna Summer song for years. Wonderful how she keeps you hanging on for the main hook.

Not on Spotify US

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Someone had submitted Gun Club for a while as I tried to.

Also considered these;

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Just finished my first sweep of the playlist and some absolute greats in this playlist. I’m also impressed that out of around 40 people there wasn’t a single person who went with the boringly obvious Africa.


Likewise with Haruomi Hosono. Discogs and udiscovermusic list Philharmony as a 1982 album, but Spotify has it down as 1978. Dunno which is correct and took me more effort to check that far than anyone else would likely have bothered with, so discarded it as an option.


Ah yes, a great cover that CJ track

Ha, I wanted to play something from that album as well but I felt the false date in Spotify would make me look like a phony. Everywhere else has the correct year of 1982 as release date.

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I considered that record as well! :grinning:

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Ah, so 1982 was the release year then? Thanks for clearing up that mystery!

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Disappointed to read that Moja Bhari Moja doesn’t translate to “Murder, Bloody Murder”, but then that’s probably not a good subject matter for disco jazz.

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one of those rounds where your choice sounds weaker with every new track you hear …

glad I played though, handful of amazing things here I’d never heard of before, and a bit more varied than I thought it might end up being

(should have just played A Town Called Malice though ffs)


Good playlist this…and with the Stranger Things series finale lined up for tonight and having been to see the new Top Gun yesterday, I’m firmly in the right headspace for it! :sunglasses:


It was absolutely on my shortlist.

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