🎷 Music League 7, The Cult of Music League. Round 2 - Fire 🔥

This Round starts tomorrow at Midday.

The theme is Fire :fire: Songs related to fire or song titles with fire related stuff.

I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t updated the playlist. But I’ll get around to it soon.

Even if you haven’t played Music League you are welcome.

It’s really easy to play…

Select song relating to topic as does everyone else.
Playlist is generated.
Listen to playlist.
Allocate points to you favourites. (You have 10 points to distribute).



Here is a list of all previous submissions so repeat entries are avoided…


Good shortlist for this one

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I had a fire related song I was wanting to shoehorn into previous rounds, so this works well for me and don’t need to overthink it.

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Could only think of really awful big hitters for this round for ages…finally had a spark of inspiration yesterday and now got something good lined up.

Screwed if someone beats me to it.

When a round is completed does it tell you who submitted what?

Yeah you get the table of entries in order of highest scoring to least, with who entered what track, who voted for which ones, and any comments people left

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Righto, thanks!

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I find the comments really awkward to read in the app. Much better on the website.

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I have too many ideas for this round


Do smoke related titles count too?




Can with too many ideas hold back from submitting for a couple of hours after the round opens? Otherwise you might be getting Kings of Leon…

This version please

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Had two choices for this, neither of which will score well. Ended up choosing on the basis that the other was too similar to my pick for the weather round (which also won’t score well).

Gone with a weird one that’ll probably only appeal to people in their 40s :smiley:

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smoooke on the waterrrr

Got quite a good deep(ish) cut as an idea for this, but feel like it might not work for DiS audience. Can’t decide whether to try it or think of something different.


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Getting me to sabotage my chances, is it? (I’ve now played it)

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