🎷 Music League 7 - The Cult of Music League 🎷 Round 4 - The Weather

Round starts tomorrow…

Theme is The Weather :dash: :partly_sunny: :cloud_with_rain: :snowflake: :sunny:


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All the submissions spreadsheet…

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Got a ridiculously long shortlist for this round, will be working on getting it down to 1 to submit and a couple of back up choices this evening.

Tell me about it. People love singing about rain.

To be fair, it is a glorious feeling.

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you badgers love the rain

Jeez, I’d somehow forgotten that rain was a weather. I was going next level up and searching for storms, hurricanes and floods and the sort.

Time to search for rain now… Jeez. Lots of songs about trains popping up too.

Probably obvious what I’d pick if it were available.

(For the one or two people interested, here’s an incredible 18 minute version of just the Mary Star of the Sea portion with a really special additional bit that didn’t make it to the recorded album.)

The word ‘weather’ in the title

  • Yeah that’s fine
  • No. Specific weather conditions only

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im choosing (anon)

  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Snow/ice/etc
  • Clouds
  • Storm
  • Tornado/hurricane/etc
  • “Weather”
  • Other

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This is the sort of round I’m here for. Less of a fan of the rounds that narrow the genre or time span, all about rounds that are title-focused so everybody can just go off and skim their full library and broad enough that we end up with a diverse playlist. Good choice someone.


Same here, these are my favourite type of rounds as when the playlist drops who knows what types of music is going to be on it.

Submitted my choice and it’s nailed on for a solid 6 points.

Another good round for playing something I’ve wanted to play for ages. Won’t be a high scorer (in fact I can only think of one player who might appreciate it) but I’m not about that life. Would play this but it’s not on Spotify

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Might choose one of my previous artist picks for the first time this round. They gave me 4 points last time, so I’m hoping for at least 5 this time.

Plus, it should give @anon73286315 a chance to catch up on me. (If he can get above 5 points of course)

I knew i shouldve picked paranore

I didn’t want to play them, but it was all I could think of that would make people go, yeah, this IS actually different to what I think they sound like.

torn between two choices

hoped one would be taken already but no

Better find a song then, huh?

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I waited until now to submit hoping someone else would take my first choice, but nobody has. It’s too good a song not to choose if it’s available but I think the artist has been played before.

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We’ve had over 2600 different artists/bands over the various music leagues so I think we have reached the stage where duplication of artists are going to be inevitable.