🎷 Music League 7 - The Cult of Music League 🎷 Round 4 - The Weather

Really regret choosing a track called “Sharks and Storms/Blizzard of Horned Cats” in a previous round


Same here. Have no idea what years things came out in, I remember the order of albums by my favourite bands, would struggle to say the year.

My options were between stuff that’s mega obvious, something I’ve played before and something I think fits the brief but will probably incur the wrath of the pedants. Went with the latter, dreading it already.

Pedants of DiS


ah time for a last minute panic about changing submissions, a tale as old as DiS Music League history time


Let’s go!


Oh! I love that Emma Jean Thackray song :heart_eyes:


A triumphant return for 311.


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The playlist algorhythm has been a real bastard to me this league

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Enjoying this sequence of song titles

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Looks a pretty diverse list!

it’s the URL mate.

I was gonna go Ought but got a notification saying someone already picked them but they haven’t?

Someone (not me) probably picked them and then changed to something else.

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Was considering Blood and Thunder before I submitted what I did. Might kingmake it to make up for the fact heavy stuff doesn’t normally do well… :thinking:

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sigh Guess we’ll never know…

Considered them but never submitted

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Love the Anna Calvi/David Byrne song, good choice!

However my 15 year old self is itching to Kingmake Garbage.

Awesome to see Weather Experience make the list, my urge to kingmake is the strongest it’s been for a while.

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