🎷 Music League 7 - The Cult of Music League - Round 5 🎷 1972

This round starts tomorrow. The theme is the year 1972

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Music league 7 - Music League

Here’s the full submissions spreadsheet so repeats can be avoided….

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Find the year rounds really hard to choose something for, especially if it’s not a year where I was aware of what music was coming out.


Post-2000 I think the year rounds can be quite fun, feels like there’s loads to choose from in the internet age. When you go earlier than that though it feels like there’s a much smaller pool to choose from beyond bigger more obvious stuff.

Found a nice one for this round though



I’ve narrowed it down to about 12 songs for this round.

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  • Songs from albums released in 1972
  • Singles released in 1972
  • Songs by artists born in 1972
  • Songs that mention 1972 in the title
  • Songs that mention 1972 in the lyrics

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It was an absolutely vintage year for a particular genre. So much so, I’m tempted to believe it was picked intentionally…

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If it sounds like it was released in 1972 but the version on Spotify is on a comp from late 2000’s use your logic right?



Veto it.

Sorry this was my round. The last three options are no-no’s. Only songs released or from 1972 albums. Ta!

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It’s a shame classic rock doesn’t do well as this year was particularly great

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Ha! I think I submitted my favourite 1972 track in the Classic Rock round, but it did very badly, so must try harder. Think I’ve got a good idea of where to go.

Hmm, the song I quite like that will probably score big…or the old favourite that will likely do very badly?

Someone has submitted a song off Black Sabbath Vol 4 that isn’t Supernaut. I hope they’re feeling better now.

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It’s going to be Changes

Genuinely amazed the song I’ve chosen hadn’t gone already

I tried submitting 4 different choices and all had been taken. Got my 5th choice in though.

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Sorry/not sorry if I cut you off then :sweat_smile:

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