🎷 Music League 7 - The Cult of Music League 🎷 Round 6 - Musical instrument in track title

Starts tomorrow.

Criteria for round is a track with a musical instrument in the title…

Music League Music League

Spreadsheet feature all track used thus far…


while my violin gently weeps

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I kinda wish this round was open now as I think I’ve got a pretty clever one but worried the fine minds of DiS will uncover it through discussion here and somebody else will nab it…

good shortlist for this, but the urge to choose the huge pop banger is rising

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Can’t come up with anything I like at all. Sure I’m missing some stuff, might have to choose something that’s a real stretch…

I remember listening to and really enjoying something ages ago and thinking it’d be perfect if this round ever came but cannot remember what it was. So far the shortlist is not looking good…

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Extra points for multiple instruments I assume?

I had exactly the same thing and I’ve been trying to remember what song it was for ages.

It’s finally come to me and I already submitted the song for the ‘feels like you’re in a film’ round, lol.

Honestly no idea, I assume things you do or use with an instrument doesn’t count?

Things you do definitely won’t pass the pedantry test. Things you use with them, harder to call. You mean like a plectrum, or a bow, that kind of thing?

Yeah exactly like guitar equipment

Probably wouldn’t allow “amp” or “pedal” in my personal interpretation but not everyone is as much of a stickler as me.

It was going to be Amplifiers but it’s fine I’ve got a better one that works

Submitted. It’s going to be divisive. I bloody love it!

Stuck a placeholder in there. It’s a bloody great track, but not sure if it’ll be a popular one.

Oh I’ve remembered mine! Just listened and it’s really not going to score well but who cares.

Torn between a very unheard one that will get 1 point and a some-degree-of-being-more-heard one that is the definition of a playlist killer.

Started running scared of the pedants so changed my submission away from the one I had earmarked since the round was announced. Will it pay off?

Really struggled with this one, pretty sure it wont pass the pedantry test

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