🎷 Music League 7 - The Cult of Music League - Round 7 - Sleep 💤

This round starts on Saturday. The theme is Sleep

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Here is a list of all previous submissions

Would be good to get some input from the setter as to what they have in mind. Music to sleep to, titles that reference sleep, sleep-adjacent themes (dreaming, insomnia, etc)?



Here is all the information you need


I actually looked ahead to this one for a change - got a shortlist that also includes “dream” and “wake” songs, which I think are okay…but do you?

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This one’s mine!

Any title or lyric that mentions sleep or a sleep-adjacent activity (dreaming, insomnia, narcolepsy etc) is all good.

Music to sleep to is cool by me as well, particularly if it’s a 20 minute drone-fest.


Yes. Yes I do.

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Reckon the obvious one will win this.

I have way too many choices for this round. Going to be back and forth trying to settle on my final pick.


My song pick for this round is my favourite of the picks I’ll make for this league. Beautiful song. Make it get 10+ points please, you bastards.

Could easily see songs deserving of a kingmaker being crowded out of votes this round.

Is the obvious one you’re thinking of about 20 minutes long?


Not sure there can be one obvious one, there are so many songs that fit this theme, and loads of them are massive.

It’s so obvious!!! The one!!


The one (I love)

Got two for this, both new discoveries for me, one more of a banger and one more reflective

Think I’ll do well with either. Confidence for once!

It is not (although it might feel that way if you’re not a fan of the band).

Come up with a belter here