🎷 Music league 7 - The cult of music league - Round 8 🎷 RAVE 1987-1993

This Round starts tomorrow….

RAVE MUSIC 1987-1993 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Music league Music League

no bloody idea mates

probably just gonna google rave music 1987-1993 and submit the first song I find


Top one, nice one, sorted.


Turns out my first choice for this, which I always assumed came out in about 1991, actually came out in 1995. As a result I’m a bit stumped, got lots of decent options but don’t know if the electorate is going to punish choices that just house or techno or whatever and not ostensibly rave tracks.

I hope whoever’s round idea this is will enjoy me suffering through 3.5hrs of fucking doof doof

Is the correct genre term acid house though? Not trance or techno, just to help me out here

I’ve been worrying about both genre pedantry and “when the late 80s start” and “early 90s finish” pedantry, so grateful that dates have been added to the title description to clarify at least one. However, first thought is apparently 1995 and second choice is 1994, so I’m currently :man_shrugging:

Might just sit this round out tbh


Thought of a track. Found out it just squeezes in the date period. Had a listen to see if it’s as good as I remember. It isn’t, but I’m going to play it anyway.

My first three choices for this round aren’t on Spotify. Hmmm.

Not sure we need this round, when this exists


If you’re doing that then I will be picking whatever is second on the list then

Expecting at least 1-35 from that list on here.

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I have a song it mind but if it’s gone already I’m gonna be stumped

Yeah. By the time I wake up I think the only songs I know will have been submitted. If so I’ll just sit it out.

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If I was able to find something for the 4AD round the rest of you can definitely find something for this.


Another skipping it out from me I’m afraid. To save myself from posting it later, I’ll also skip the 1982 round. I did have a song called Monkey Rave and a song called 1982 lined up, but I’m not sure if I would match the 3 points I got for my song called 1972, so probably all for the best!

Have got some provisional choices lined up for the movie and wrestling rounds at least.

This is so confusing. There’s no songs from a whole year that you know or like?!

Not really if it’s before the mid 1990s, unless it’d be something very obvious. And I’m not especially that interested in listening to older songs that much - I generally prefer listening to newer music and bands, and just don’t get the same buzz from older bands. I like the excitement of hearing a new band and hopefully being able to see them play live in some small venue.

There’s too much new music anyway, so that takes up a lot of my music listening that I want to do.

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I was 16 in 1991 so this is peak level music genre for me! 3 points probably

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