🎷 Music league 7 - The cult of music league - Round 8 🎷 RAVE 1987-1993

My shortlist for this round is over 3 hours long, if you need a track let me know!


What’s that, like, 5 tacks?

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I’ll vote for anything good from 87-93 that could’ve been played at a rave. I reckon that includes acid house and techno, maybe even some straight up house, from anywhere rather than just the UK.

After the second summer of love there was music that I guess was called rave that was a very UK reaction to what happened in 88 but I’m not going to exclude anything that doesn’t fit that description.

Bit of a minefield though, eh?

Raves also had stages with underground punk bands, reggae, all sorts playing, if were going down the scene route.

bigger minefield than I thought then!

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Sounds like most other people aren’t too sure of what counts as rave and what doesn’t, which makes me more comfortable submitting something I think is but am not 100% sure of



Submitted my placeholder/probably keeper before it was inevitably picked.

Just realised the track I submitted is from 86. Ugh.

Had to go through all 5 songs on my playlist before I found one that hadn’t been taken

Wow my song got in, genuinely amazed, let’s hope it actually hits the brief :sweat_smile:

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6 years and a whole host of sub genres: House, Acid House, Trance, Hardcore (the “will never die” kind, not the guitar kind), Jungle, Techno etc…, I’m expecting a varied playlist, can’t wait.

My personal preference is for hardcore/breakbeat from 91-93 & that’s what will most likely get my points, & even if possibly the ultimate track from that period makes a third appearance on Music League, I can’t rule out giving it a point.

This was my first pick but it doesn’t appear to be on Spotify.

And this was my second, also MIA

Could have hoovered up those sweet breakbeat points! I’d given myself a date range of 88-91, but the extension to 93 in the title here has opened it up and I’ve gone for something quite different


Getting my submission in before everyone else tries to :smile:

Remembering that half of ML doesn’t give points to songs they would’ve submitted :weary:

I usually try to go obscure with my picks but not in this round, not sure it will pay off though.

Usually the case for me but in this round I wouldn’t recognise my own submission let alone yours so all are in with a shout.

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you say :grinning:
Hoover sound - Wikipedia


My pick is from 1995. Back to the drawing board…

Ive put something in, i think its rave, im sure youll all be quick to point out it isnt tomorro if not

By the sounds of things there are only about 2 people playing who actually have any knowledge of the late 80s/early 90s rave scene.

I’m not one of them, so I’ll just be voting for tracks that I enjoy the most!