🎷 Music League 7 - The Cult of Music League - Round 9 🎷 A track that shares its name with a movie

  • Track needs to have the same name as movie but is not allowed to be featured in said movie.

This round starts tomorrow.

List of tracks previously used on music league…

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  • Titles must be identically the same
  • Song title can contain other words besides the film title

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this is a round i would have picked had i not been SCREWED out of it (i’m over it now), so i’ve pondered this a lot. my thinking was i’d allow it within reason e.g. if there was a song called “watching hot fuzz on itv2” that would be ok, but a song that happens to contain the word “it” can gtf


No. This is my round. Exact film titles only

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The movie my song shares a name with
  • I have seen the movie
  • Haven’t seen the movie

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Which came first?

  • Movie
  • Song

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  • I already knew a song that shares a name with a movie
  • I picked a song I liked and found a movie that shares its name
  • I picked a movie I liked and found a song that shares its name

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  • Shares name because it’s in the soundtrack to the movie
  • Completely unrelated to the namesake movie, just a coincidence

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Think it was stated by the setter previously that it’s specifically not meant to be soundtracks - I’m reading it that it doesn’t have to be coincidence (ie it’s fine to be named after the movie) but it isn’t to be part of the actual soundtrack.


I’ll be playing to a rule that the movie needs to be a minimum size to count - if it has so few ratings and reviews that it looks like you might have made up the imdb entry yourself to squeeze a song in this round that won’t cut it. I’ll need the movie to have been big enough that at least a few of us would have heard of it and/or seen it.

Yeah I thought that after I set the poll, there’s a third option isn’t there - named after the movie but not directly related to it

Oh… And there’s also ‘my song shares its name with a movie and is on its soundtrack, but it was written before the movie existed and was included on the OST specifically because it shared a name with the movie’

My poll-making career is off to a shaky start…

Pretty pleased. I was scrolling through a very long alphabetical list of songs that I own, but after reaching the songs beginning with C, I thought I would check through my playlist of songs I want to try to shoehorn into music league rounds, and found one where the film isn’t even one of @Octobadger’s made up IMDB films!

Spoiler alert: my song doesn’t begin with A or B.

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Will note that syntax differences are ok eg:

The Runningman

but not:

The Running Man Runs
Running Man Is a Good Film

hope that helps

What if The Running Man was released in, say, Poland, as “The Running Man Runs”? Would it be ok then?

Well obvs I can’t actually police this at the end of the day, it’s up to the voters but I consider that acceptable

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i looked through lots of songs i owned until i found a couple that made me think “oh there’s a film called that”

had an obvious pic from a fav album named for a very famous film, then randomly stumbled onto a track i’d never heard before named for a fav film - felt serendipitous

have since considered playing X specific artist and looking out for tracks that match film names, but that seems against the spirit of the enterprise

This should be easy, right? Just find a bunch of songs you like and stick them into imdb :grin:

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People’s insistence on following “the rules” had meant my excellent original pick no longer counts. Vaguely tempted to submit it anyway but have just teme something I like that shares its name with a film I really didn’t like, so might submit that instead.