🎷 Music league 8 - Uh oh here comes league. Round 5 - Cool Island Jams 🎷

This round starts on Monday. Cool island jams the sound of the Caribbean :palm_tree:

League Music League

My island jam is more sizzling than cool. Come at me pedants


Does it count if a band’s primary songwriter is from the Caribbean and incorporates traditional Caribbean styles into the music?

Not really, but It’s up to you.

Also, the Carribbean includes mainland countries that boarder it, although for Mexico that only includes Yucatan peninsula based artists.


Thinking about skipping this round for a few reasons:

  • not really my jam
  • lots of work
  • going on vacation starting Wednesday (not to the Caribbean)

Very excited for this round


Me too. The one I’ve been looking forward to most since the rounds were announced :desert_island:

Not super keen on this but don’t want to double skip a round … tricky

Think he’s from Bristol


If anyones looking for pointers, at least where Jamaica is concerned, look up the Trojan compilations. Absolute goldmines!


I’m sure they’ve done various collections over the years but there was a series of triple CD packs back around 2004ish that were sublime.

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The ones in the little boxes? The Ska one was amazing

if only someone playing music league was also doing a reggae show on Dissonance Radio, eh?

edit: actually, about 75% of that is UK reggae so maybe not the best source…all guaranteed bangers though


Tappa Zukie in show 1, you have my attention! Will have a listen on Monday morning, looks great!


Yeah, those were the ones, Dancehall, Roots, Dub etc. 50+ songs per box, all great. The releases don’t seem to be on Spotify in the same way, though.

haven’t put any thought into this round yet

originally i thought of a nice carribean sounding track by a UK artist who does a lot of sampling, then realised that’s not what the round is

trying to think of someone non obvious to play

No ideas other than REALLY obvious reggae choices.

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What is the round, has it been clarified? A nice Carribbean sounding track by a UK artist seems to fit the brief, or is it songs by Caribbean artists only?

I’ve got no idea what to submit but I’m looking forward to the list, every time I’ve thought β€˜that round won’t be for me’ so far it’s turned out to be absolute goldmine

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Are we held to particular genres/styles here or does it not matter as long as the artist is Caribbean?