Music League 8 - Uh Oh league comes to town 🎷. Round 3 - A track that’s famously been sampled. 🎷

This round starts tomorrow at 11am

Theme: A track that has been famously sampled.

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can’t really think of much for this

Two top options here, concerned one will get nabbed up so might at least take it as a holding choice for now

Should be a fun one

Looking forward to this one! Got a couple of ideas to run with but definitely need to be quick off the mark I think.

Question: define “famously” sampled please someone.

So I’ve got a few choices my top one has been sampled by several songs that you will have heard of, but isn’t well known in its own right does that count?

Very very loosely imho

I’m just picking my favourite track which has also been significantly featured in another track, one which has a decent chance of being familiar to some disers


I think the idea is that you’d have a reasonable chance of recognising the track it was sampled by, rather than it having been sampled for 5 seconds on the B-side to an obscure trip hop single or something.


I’m expecting my two first choices to go quickly.

Personally I want to be able to hear the song and think “oh, it’s that bit from that other song”. If it’s just a 1 second drum break or something then I’m not interested.


Too many choices and none of them are screaming PICK ME

  • I love both my sampled song and the song that features it
  • I only like one of them

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This website could be a great help if you need some ideas.

Also it’s just great anyway.


I’ve really enjoyed researching this round. What’s the reverse of crate-digging? Crate-burying? Whatever it is it has been a lot of fun. Got so many choices I’d be happy to play that I don’t really care if any of them have been picked, I’ll just work down the list for whatever the first ones is that is free. Looking forward to hopefully plenty of “Ohh” moments about songs I never even considered were using samples when the playlist drops.

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Got one example which I think is my favourite bit of sampling/reworking ever, but the original song isn’t quite so interesting on its own. So doubt I’ll play it but look forward to sharing it here after the playlist drops!

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Not sure I really like/know many songs that would have a recognisable sample. I’ve got one obvious (to me) choice, but not sure what I’d pick if someone else gets to it first.

It’s the word ‘famously’ that’s throwing me off. The song I want to submit has only been sampled once

I’m reading the idea of ‘famously’ sampled as that the song using the sample is either a mainstream or cult hit, or maybe a deeper cut by a band with some success. So the optimum reaction on hearing each song on the playlist is “oh, so that’s where that bit of {song that uses sample} comes from”. If there’s a song on the playlist that I recognise (the actual track submitted) but I’m not aware of it being used as a sample anywhere I’d be disappointed.


I’ve got one for this round, hope it doesn’t get snapped up!

I’ve actually already played two massive contenders for this in previous rounds Jezahel and Inner City Blues

The version of this round I’d been considering was actually a two song per person round (I think that’s an option). You’d play both the original and the song using the sample. Reckon that would have been fun - only reason I didn’t go for it was because ylas far as I could see there would be no way to set the playlist to include everyone’s two songs beside each other, would have been good if we could have had a randomised sequence of everyone’s pair of submissions.