Music League 8 - Uh Oh league comes to town 🎷. Round 3 - A track that’s famously been sampled. 🎷

Was just thinking last night how cool that^ version would be (but also how logistically irritating)

Absolutely. I was just going to play the previous round but this round has been so much fun to research.

One of my favourite things has been to listen to artists who regularly use sampling and check out the song on WhoSampled above. Some of it is so creative and brilliant- especially the way you might just take barely two seconds of a song and make it into something new. I can’t help but laugh at how audacious brilliant sampling can be. These people can be geniuses.

submissions are live, go go!

Got my choice in. Happy with that!

the quick finger brigade weren’t fast enough to block my submission

They were too fast for me and I haven’t thought of an alternative yet!

I’ve picked a song which was both a banger and has been sampled in banger(s). Got a good feeling about this round.

5 points


Had 4 songs on my shortlist and have gone with what’s probably, objectively speaking, the worst one. But I like it and I reckon it might get a big score from a certain voter.

Somebody has sampled Smashing Pumpkins???

Not sure I would vote for my pick as a song in its own right, ah well!

Tricky on Maxinquaye


Somebody has (see above), but that’s not who I went for.

When the round drops I can update the track names on doc below so if anyone wants to they can annonymously drop a note/link to the song that features their sample.


This should be a pretty easy round. Should probably have a think about what to submit, though…

FAO: people who haven’t submitted yet, have just changed my submission and freed up what’s potentially quite a big hitter.

I absolutely cannot believe mine hadn’t been picked yet and thus may be @Steved’s returned choice.

I’m swinging between a song with a really recognisable sample used in a popular song I don’t like as much and a song that includes a great sample but I don’t think the original will be as popular.

Do I want the ML points or the indie points?

Got a doubler, banger sampled by banger. Very happy with myself and that’s all that matters


Fucked it by playing Forget Me Nots in the 1982 round, think that might have cleaned up in this round.


I’ve gone for eliciting a collective groan when the bit that was sampled drops.


Just changed back and can confirm you didn’t take it.

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This approach will almost certainly get points from me.