🎷 Music League 8 - Uh oh League comes to town - Round 4 DISCO πŸͺ©

This round starts tomorrow!

Theme: DISCO :mirror_ball: the Genre.

Music League Music League


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It’s a D I S C nO from me, I’m afraid. See you in round five

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I was not looking forward to this round but did a bit of digging and now I am.



Got a great choice for this which I’ll be absolutely ragin of it goes before I get there

Sadly giving up my great start to this league given I don’t care about disco at all

FYI, I will not be taking part in this round (or any round until the low-key melancholia one) due to time issues.

I’m telling you this so that you can put as many placeholder choices as you wish and not worry!

But have fun strutting your stuff everyone! :mirror_ball:

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor will be disappointed.


Thank you. My self-esteem has taken a hit recently and the fact that a decision I make matters as much to someone as important as Sophie Ellis-Bextor does at least give me a sense of purpose.

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Hello. I have never Music League–d but I love disco. Is this too late for an amateur leaguer?


Nope just join and submit a track


one of us GIF


Submitted my track, definitely going to have to go down the route of big hitters here as I do not know the genre well enough to pick out a deep cut.

I’m also in two minds at the moment as to whether or not I want to score highly or not as I am currently in 7th place in the overall standings (the hights of which I am not use to at all) and I am not going to be able to play the next few rounds due to a combination of it being a struggle for me to come up with anything to fit that round & a family holiday so I kind of don’t want to go into that period being so high up the table.

I have submitted my track.

I think it’s an obscure banger so I’m expecting many positive comments and a single-figure score.

Praying for more indie boys and girls to drop out to improve my league position :crossed_fingers:t2:


OK how do I do this?? :sweat_smile:

One of you pricks has taken my choice already. I will not rest until I identify you, hunt you down, slaughter you and all your family to end your line and sow the ground where your house stood with salt so that nothing ever grows there again.

Or I might just pick something else.


Really annoyed I used Bob Chance in a previous round.