🎷 Music League 8 - Uh oh league comes to town - Round 8 - Uptempo Melancholia 🎷

Uptempo Melancholia is the final round of league 8 and starts at 11am today.

The top 3 from this league will pick rounds for league 9 plus some Discobot selected rounds too.

League 9 will start at the end of September after a short summer break.


Very excited for this round. Sad Bangers is my favourite genre.


Really only got one idea for this, hope I get in early enough

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The perfect submission for this isn’t on Spotify sadly. Will try and channel that sadness into my search for an alternative.

Got notified that submissions were open at 10 again, but they aren’t. Dodgy setting somewhere?

Yeah, I’ve had the same. Not too worried because I don’t think anyone else will pick my artist or song. Not convinced anyone is going to vote for it either, but I have to follow my heart

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Would it be possible to see the spreadsheet of submissions please? I’ve been out of the League for a while and want to see if my submission has already been used?

Of course…

Cheers! You’re a :star:

Found this one a bit of a challenge. Was originally thinking sad bangers, but then thought that a lot of stuff in sad banger territory is often quite downtempo but has a soaring or other quality/bit of oomph about it that makes it a banger. Then when I was thinking about more uptempo stuff, there’s been a certain amount of chin stroking about whether it’s melancholy per se rather than frustrated or angry or some other emotion. I may well be overthinking this. I got it down to three good uns that seemed to fit the bill anyway, and have gone with my favourite.

I was really struggling with this but had a flash of inspiration when I was going through my collection last night.

I need to keep my Top 3 place.

No idea what fits in this category tbh so just went for something I like.

i find loads of stuff that’s pretty straightforwardly upbeat to be weirdly melancholic tbh - I guess it’s the knowledge that this is the big high, and after this has to be a comedown

so even something like One More Time makes me feel slightly bittersweet

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Yeah, this for me too, actually. Often the other way round too - seemingly sad stuff making me feel quite chipper. I remember when I first got into The Smiths, I kept waiting to get to the miserable stuff I’d been hearing about cos the songs I was listening to were making me laugh more than cry.

Once again I narrowed my choice down to two submissions and had to flip a coin, so I’d be grateful if someone else could submit my other choice for me.

Got my first choice. It’s an artist that hasn’t been featured and I really love so again, really interested to hear people’s reactions. Think it fits the theme of this round perfectly.

The only issue is I’m off on a sunny holiday tomorrow to Spain and Portugal and so I’ll have to find time to indulge in some sad bangers whilst soaking in the sun!

I quite often think that older school house music (the kind of thing withreally soulful vocals about being together) makes me feel lonelier.

Not sure if it’s the fact I don’t really identify with the lyrics or the sparse production.


What exactly are we defining as “uptempo”?

140+ bpm


Sad gabber is a highly underexplored genre tbh.