🎷 Music League 8 - Uh oh Music League comes to town Round 2 - A track from the first half of 2022 🎷

This round is now live!

A track from the first part of 2022

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finding it too hard to choose between my bigger hitters of the year so might just pick something really obscure that i want people to hear instead



so many options here, but a few of my total favs are on AOTY contenders that I assume most people will at least have checked out briefly

so need to go more left field

always love these rounds, its amazing how much of the stuff i dont know given i listen to like 5-10 new albums every week!

I initially submitted a big hitter but have changed it for something more obscure.

I’m hoping this is the approach the majority take, there’s nothing wrong with the big hitters but I’m looking forward to discovering some new things via this round.

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Deeeelighted to get my big hitter pick in, youse better not go all indie on me


Curse whoever immediately got BC,NR in even though they’ll obviously end up getting points from me

Think this is the only round in this league where I knew exactly what I was picking before it went live.

I’m hoping I have ten new discoveries so that I don’t have to give points to those aforementioned big hitters. Don’t let me down!

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big shitters ammirte

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Might change my pick to bait a vote out of you

I mean, the song still has to be good, so it might be a bit of a big ask from you!


Thought I had screwed myself over as I had organized an interview from 10-11 this morning and got the notification half way through that the round had gone live but luckily my pick had not been taken yet.

I’m in but I’m not confident.

This could be my view on every selection I’ve ever made for Music League.

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Shocked that my pick hadn’t been taken. can’t even think of a bigger more hittier jam from this year.

Not gonna spend too much time selecting because Wet Leg/Dry Cleaning/6 Music song will win anyway

Looking at the equivalent top 3 from the two rounds for 2021 we had Big Brave, I. Jordan and Arooj Aftab, then Hannah Peel, Midwife and bdrmm. Seems a reasonably diverse mix? Admittedly I wouldn’t be totally stunned to hear any of them on 6 music but not sure any of them would have been heavily pushed by the station? I only really listen on occasional Saturdays though so maybe I’m wrong.


Very annoying that the submission time is now 6am for me and someone has submitted a song from the same album I was gonna.

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I’m fairly confident with my song… that it’ll get 5/6 points and lots of comment saying “liked this, but not enough points”


Not gone with a big hitter, as far as I know. Not seen much, if any, mention of this artist, but there’s a strong chance they’re not that DiS-friendly.

Regardless, I bloody love it and I hope you do too.