🎷 MUSIC LEAGUE 9 - The Return of the Pedant 🎷 Round 10 Space 🎷

Rum pum pum pum pum!

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Congrats to @Avery & Thanks as always to @Brainfreeze for running the show.

As with last year I’ve kept a playlist of my ML Discoveries in 2022 (Leagues 6-9) and have ended up with a Top 75 Chart. I’m not going to post the whole list as that would be madness, so here’s the Top 30.

DIS ML Discoveries 2022 Top 30
  1. Mandrake Handshake - Eclogue 11 - ML9 R2 Not Released an Album - @furryfan

  2. PinkShinyUltraBlast - Songs - ML6 R7 Song in the Title - @Avery

  3. Lucious Jackson - Citysong - ML6 R7 Song in the Title - @riverwise

  4. PJ Harvey - The Wind - ML7 R4 The Weather - @Jamos

  5. Self Jupiter - The Sun Took A Day Off & The Moon Stood Still - ML9 R6 Newspapers - Jamos

  6. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Lineas en Hojas - ML8 R7 Latin America - @dantrobus

  7. Tony Wilson - Hangin’ Out In Space - ML8 R5 Cool Island Jams - @Steved

  8. Say She She - Prism - ML9 R2 Not Released An Album - IB (Sorry unsure of your DIS Name)

  9. Stereolab - Crest - ML6 R1 Repetition - jeremyirony (not sure on new DIS name!)

  10. Motoomi Doi - Shuutenha Anoko No Ie - ML9 R8 Minimalism - @paulo13

  11. Wyldest - Stalking Moon - ML9 R10 Space - @alex.brims

  12. Semiratruth - Scar (My Therapist Cooks) - ML6 R11 <1 Minute - furryfan

  13. Power Animal - Goodwindfadingwanting - ML7 R4 The Weather - paulo13

  14. Nuclear Daisies - Heaven In Your Head - ML9 R2 Not Released an album yet - @daggers

  15. Wye Oak - Glory - ML9 R9 Duo - @AttackDuck

  16. Wu-Lu - Storms - ML9 R4 Awesome Solo or Break - furryfan

  17. Leon Vynehall - Envelopes (Chapter VI) - ML6 R12 Feels Like You’re in a Movie - @Brainfreeze

  18. The Click - Hurricane - ML6 R13 Alcohol - @theShipment

  19. Braxe & Falcon - Step By Step - ML8 R2 2022 1st Half - Brainfreeze

  20. Suave Punk - HeatDeath - ML7 R2 Fire - IB

  21. Falle Nioke - Leywole - ML6 R9 Foreign Language - TheShipment

  22. Sho Madjozi - Limpopo Champions League - ML9 R7 South Africa - @Kovacs77

  23. Fuxa - Help Me Please - ML9 R9 Duo - @woweezowee

  24. Ghum - Echo - ML9 R6 Newspapers - Daggers

  25. Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness - ML8 R1 Pop Punk Party - @brightlight

  26. Pendant - Static Dream - ML7 R7 Sleep - @JaguarPirate

  27. Sky Ferreira - One - ML6 R1 Repetition - Heartswells (Not sure of DIS name)

  28. Project Pablo - Closer - ML7 R9 Shares name with Movie - @Octobadger

  29. Holy Fawn - True Loss - ML9 R1 Truth & Lies - Avery

  30. Pale Sketcher - Today - ML9 R8 Minimalism - Avery

Thanks to everyone who continues to & has previously played in the DIS Music Leagues for sharing so much good music. Looking forward to the Christmas League & League 10 when it arrives.


Do we know who’s picking categories for the next (non-Christmas) league? Would love to have something to think about over the next month.



Feel like it’s the rewards of this league carrying over?it better be

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Just want to say a massive thank you for making my song win the final round of this league!
Thanks for all the love for The Big Moon

League 10 will start in January!

Well done to the Top 3 of Music League 9!

Can each of you send me your choice of round please by PM

Top 3

Can I also thank @paulo13 for all the love & @BobRickerton …… thanks for nothing!!


I ended up missing pretty much the entirety of this one, so I’m consistent with my harsh scoring if nothing else!

I’ll be back for the January one.


The Big Moon were a great shout and well played.

Just to check is it just one round I need to think up?


Yes please


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somehow think it would be butchered worse


I’m annoying enough as is it is, without forcing that on these pals. Plus I’ve got a theme for a round this time. I can’t remember, who gets to name the league?

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Don’t encourage me to waste my round

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You get to name it!




I reckon we keep going until Iron Chic is given the due it deserves, because I’m still bitter about it

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Cheers all for another brilliant league, just sneaking past @keith to land in the top ten! Ta for all the voted @hesastopsiiiiign and apologies to @inverted for not sending any points your way.

Nice guessing from @Icarus-Smicarus for the Space round. Had been wanting to play a Minami Deutsch track for a while particulary after obsessing over their latest album over the past couple of months. The motorik grooves have had been reaching for that album pretty regularly. Gutted that they didn’t make it to Cardiff earlier this year, hopefully they will tour again soon at some point. With Dim Light is a monster of a record either way and worth checking out if you dug I’ve Seen a U.F.O as the rest of the album is suitably spacey.

Thanks again for running this @Brainfreeze and congrats on the league win @Avery! Need to mull over some options for the Christmas league now… :christmas_tree:


Click the top of the music league page to see your music league story….


Not seeing this on mine. Web or app version?

Had to dick about on the app for a bit Nd it eventually popped up.