🎷 MUSIC LEAGUE 9 - The Return of the Pedant 🎷 Round 9 Duos 🎷

It still gives an alert but it’s much more subtle than it used to be on the old site. You can easily miss it and just think clicking submit didn’t take.

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Just got to them on the playlist and was very confused.

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The Kings of Convenience track is almost painfully nostalgic, always used to listen to them with my mum - lifts me up and puts me right back in my 14 year old shoes :smiley:


interesting neither of you went for my pick, the biggest Lightning Bolt song, which simply eats the rest of them

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what do those first notes of the 8Ball and MJG track make me think of? it’s a famous video game or film theme or something

driving me crazy

Ironically the track I chose isn’t doing badly. I must apologise for the current crashing and burning of ‘the other track’!

Shame GIF

I’m happy with my choices but this is transcendent and beastly

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oh both the songs selected are monsters no doubt

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(4 points)

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lol aye for all my drama before I’m doing shite so far

the run from KoC > A.S.A. is pretty fucking sublime, could have given out all my points just there

very happy with my placing

last place song doesn’t deserve it at all, sorry for removing a point from you at the last second :frowning:

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Got my hopes up that my song might be in that run…


I’ve only been playing for a couple leagues but I have very much noticed, in this one especially, is that metal plays well


Found this one quite a slog, not entirely sure why. There were a couple of clusters of tracks I really didn’t like but also no shortage of things to give points to. One track got the boot on pedantic grounds too (wouldn’t have voted for it anyway but still).

Mine is… it’s not doing so well.

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In many ways, Music League is about the songs we hear along the way


Just voted. Really bizarre spread of points, with many great songs low down (including mine, but it was a hard sell!). However, I think I’ve given some of them a bit of a boost!


This might be the toughest one yet, it’s stacked. It all comes down to mood on the last day, doesn’t it.

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Just voted. Some exceptions obviously, but the general “what I thought would do well” and “what I thought would be at the bottom” are kind of reversed.

Of the seven songs on six points or fewer I voted for five of them and one of the other two is mine.