🎷 Music League - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 10 - Parentheses in song title 🎷

Starts on Friday! Parentheses in song title


Playlist featuring past top 3 tracks from every round…

Current leaderboard

@marwood spreadsheet for all featured tracks so far.


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No real idea for this one, so I’ve set up a smart playlist that includes everything in my library with a bracket but excludes β€œlive”, β€œremix”, β€œfeaturing” etc. The first track that has come up is 37 minutes long. I can’t say I’m not tempted.


I have 10 tracks on my shortlist that I can’t choose between. Hopefully this round lends itself to a wide range of genres!

I hope to see a certain Talking Heads track

made my shortlist so long ago one of them has disappeared off spotify, helps the narrowing down process at least i guess


Are we banning (feat / demo / live / remastered / alternate) etc or are they fair game?

I’d veto all of those. Call me a purist but I would see each of those as supplemental info to the song title rather than part of the actual title.


BAN! I stipulated those were out when submitting the round. The brackets have to be part of the song title

I didn’t do it though!


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Torn between two great tracks. Whichever artist loses out is getting used in the punctuation round but with only different song choices available.

By the way is an apostrophe a punctuation mark?

That almost feels too easy and feels like I need to use a more interesting one.

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I might’ve gone for this one but it’s not on Spotify. I’m blaming you, George Lucas.

wow yall do this way different than me apparenlty… I dont usually think about the next round until track submissions open, or maybe at the earliest the day before

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i try to plan most rounds in advance so i can narrow things down by going β€œok i’m struggling to decide between these two tracks for round 1, but the second artist has another track that fits round 4 so i can use them then instead” etc

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got to consider all the choices (yup)


I just love to procrastinate and do cram sessions.

I seem to do much better when I haven’t realised a round is coming up and have to make a choice quickly. The boring nerd in me regularly comes up with far too many choices and then I always end up wondering why I went with the track I did

For me the shortlist creation is the most fun part of the whole thing, I tend to create Spotify playlists for each round as soon as the themes are announced and add to them over time as I think of things or get time to dig through my other playlists or just start digging. I even have a folder of shortlists for themes that might come up in the future. Maybe I have a problem.