🎷 Music League - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 8 - Band of 5

Starts on Tuesday.

A track by a band that had 5 members at the time the track was made.

Playlist with top 3 from each round…

Link to music league

Had no ideas for this, double checked a fav song I listened to earlier today, oh 5 members on that track? Sorted

Feel it legit could be a top 3 pick

Bonus points for tracks where they announce the band members names and what instruments they’re playing

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Disappointed to discover that despite the name, and the lyric “Jurassic, five MC’s, and we got the cure for this rap disease”…that they’re actually a six piece.

Back to the drawing board then.


Finding I’m having to do a lot of cross referencing of wikipedia for this one… not having much luck so far

  • A group of less than 5 with guests that brings the total musicians to 5
  • A 5-piece with guests that puts them over 5 musicians on the track
  • A track attributed to a single person but has 5 musicians on it
  • None of these

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The level of pedantry for this round will be

  • High

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Yeah, I’m finding it particularly tricky when it comes to older groups with a lot of line up changes. It’s tough to know how many were in them at a given point.

Found a song I wanted to play by a band known as a five piece, but looks like they only expanded to five later. The search continues…

A track featuring an unspecified number of members of 5ive

  • Will make you get down
  • Will make you get 0 points

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Hey, this was one of my rounds. I was thinking of the band being a core of 5 people at the time the chosen track was released. Hope that makes sense, so if Husker Du did a track with 2 guests (let’s say a harp person and a banjo-ist) that wouldn’t count. But I guess Super Furry Animals might be OK… Radiohead would be OK, but I wouldn’t vote for them. Pigsx7 would be OK, but a single pig doing a track of snorting/snuffling would not. (obviously in reality do whatever ya want, the voters will decide what’s acceptable!)


I agree, but for me the Husker Du situation you described would be fine.

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It’s a pretty hard to find 7"

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Mate the level of pedantry and sheer outrage in the mosh thread in a round that is TOTALLY subjective is off the chains. But then again we aren’t at the mercy of hardcore fans so maybe it’ll be less

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They were/are 5 aren’t they? I think the crowd would allow them, but they’ve appeared quite a lot. So I fear for that choice. Rain or Shine by Five Star would 100% be allowed.

For season 5 I’d love @Brainfreeze to introduce a rule that states an artist/band can only be played once per season to try and freshen things up and stop the same artists/acts appearing over & over.

I appreciate I may be in the minority with this viewpoint.


sfa ok!


I’m enjoying this storyline

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Oh yeah i could totally submit modest mouse from one of their eras

Really struggling to find anything for this, something I’ve found through music league is that most of the music I like is made by solo artists (this round will be the first time I’ve submitted a band in this league). Keep finding songs I like but can’t really figure out how many people were in the band when it was recorded.