🎷 Music League - Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time 🎷 - Round 11 - A track < 1 minute 🎷

Quite excited for this playlist. Will be interesting to see how people play this.

Starts at Midday

A track under 1 minute in length


We could have the first votes in by 12:40pm Tuesday and it’ll all be over by teatime in the USA

Actually I don’t think they call it teatime in the USA do they?


Mate what do you think teatime is?

Reckon it’s going to be all wispy ambient interludes or raging hardcore. If the algorithm steps up it could be quite the ride.


In @Icarus-Smicarus’s defence, I forgot about time zones so brunch is about right.

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Probably gonna play this round and bow out for the rest of the league. I’m clear of relegation and can’t really impact the top, so i’m just making up the numbers. I’m on the beach already and Souness & Keane are annoyed at me.

35th Place to play for! :wink:

no! :frowning:

also forgot this was just submission day not playlist day, what a let down


well it’s certainly not dinner time, let’s get that out of the way

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happy with my choice for this round. under a minute but actually one of my favourite tracks on the album, even if it feels like a bit of a bridge from the previous song to the next.

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Oo the fuckin’ hell stole my choice?
Oo the fuckin’ hell stole my choice?
Oo the fuckin’ hell stole my choice?

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Oh that’s a good pick (wasn’t me).

A lot more confident with my pick for this round than the last one, but still expecting a lower half score.

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Track is listed as 1:00

  • Unacceptable
  • I’ll allow it

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Can’t believe my number one choice was available. Excited for it to be ignored.

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Ooh, I’m 34th! Will have to continue my mediocrity and see if I can grab that lovely 35th place.

Also, for the discobot picked participants, what about limiting them for people who haven’t chosen any rounds in Music League yet?


About 50% of my under 1 minute library on iTunes is either Ivor Cultler or Melt Banana (went for something in the other 50%).


How long will the playlist be?

  • < 10 mins
  • 10-12 mins
  • 12-15 mins
  • 15-18 mins
  • 18-20 mins
  • 20-22 mins
  • 22-25 mins
  • 25-28 mins

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  • 28-30 mins
  • 30-33 mins
  • 33-35 mins
  • 35-38 mins
  • 38-40 mins

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