🎷 Music League - Bob Rickerton is the greatest poster of all time 🎷 - Round 11 - A track < 1 minute 🎷

ooh that would have been a great choice

i thought Stiff Little Fingers might come up


impressive that this song has a proper verse-chorus-verse structure including a guitar solo and still clocks in at 59 seconds

glad to see some not-so serious submissions sprinkled around some great tracks

considered this but have played them before in music league so went with something new

considered this one as well but wasn’t sure how it would go over

also regret wasting ice-t ‘fried chicken’ on the under 3 mins round

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I’ll probably still skip some :grin:

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There’s definitely two that I’m skipping. I despise both acts

The “Tea” song reminded me of this:

Was also a round for GBV to shine but felt id entered them too often before

/id be so mad if they didn’t do well in this round of all rounds (it’s 59 seconds on the album)

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I switched my submission at the last minute, having originally gone for a Donut…


of course it’s not going to get my votes- i already know that song well and am playing to hear music new to me or old enough to have been near forgotten- if that’s

then so be it- could’ve just put the song on if i wanted to hear it. it’s not from a place of spite- just want people to hip me to new stuff


I tend to go for this approach if I need to narrow down a voting shortlist. Having said that, there are times when there’s a song I’m familiar with that I see and go “Oh, that’s a banger” and give it a point anyway.


Do you only submit songs you think no one else will know well?

I try to pick songs/artists that I don’t think people have heard. Which conversely means if someone picks my track first then I will be surprised and would have to award them points!


Who got dissed harder

  • Cheney
  • Queen Lizzy

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depends, not this league- am trying to extract points and know not all people vote the same way as me.

always vote the way i said, but change song selections on a league by league basis, eg- one league could be all furries. when i might not be able to make a round, then i’m not pandering for points. this is the second out of 6 leagues i’ve played that way- every now and again it’s ‘interesting’ to test how well i know the electorate, but it’s a bit of boring way to play sometimes.

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I’m in this mostly to discover music and share stuff I hope might be new to and enjoyed by a few of the other players. For my submissions, if I have multiple options ticking that box, will I pick the one that I think is ‘best’? Maybe not. I might pick the one I think will score better, though of late I’ve been so far behind the pace that I’m not really considering the points and have been playing more freely - but probably more favouring the obscure rather than purely the best.

For scoring, depending on how much time I have I may not even listen to something I know very well (eg Aphex Twin on the last playlist, one of the best albums of all time and a personal favourite, but I’m not playing to hear the stuff I’ve had on heavy rotation myself). My points always go to music I enjoy, and nearly always to music I didn’t know well before.


Jeez, this 50+ seconds songs feel pretty long now!


Was on my shortlist too. Considering yesterday was the last day of Dilla month, I probably should have submitted it!

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I give points to songs I like, whether they be new or classic. As long as they fit the rule of the round, even at a stretch, I give it a vote. Just a bit of fun, init?

I have a list of about 200 artists I need to give a proper listen to already on the notes app on my phone and i’m trying not to add to that at the moment haha, so songs I know do get preferential treatment

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