🎷 Music League league 3 With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 7 - Seasons 🎷

Starts on Sunday.

Any song with Autumn/Fall, Winter, Spring or summer in the title or any combination of the seasons.


Winning track playlist

Prizes at end of league 3 - With a Vengeance

got two good picks for this that i have to choose between

Going to be refreshing at midday to make sure I get my track in before anyone else does.

This has been the toughest round there’s ever been in my opinion. Really struggling with it.

Also I know this is a tough one but please resist the temptation to pick that indie classic. Or that other one.

i found it really easy, only 4 words to type into my music library and have a look through the results. a lot easier than finding songs with 9 letters!

Lend us a song

Does this help?


This was my round pick, I had a song in mind when picking the round & I’ll be poised to try & make sure I get it.

It’s one of my favourite songs of all time & in my heart it gets all of the points!, but I’ll be happy if it gets into double figures in Music League.

I have read the complete list of eligible songs and have decided how I will choose and vote already. Next round, please.


If Autumn Sweater wins, so help me

Got a couple of options. One may be taken quick, so need to be on the ball.

Is Christmas a season? Can we have the name of a small Christmas bear?

No Christmas isn’t a season.

Been a while since we had any cupcakKe



shame pitcher of summer by kayo dot isn’t on spotify

A fruit/veg season is ok I guess? Blackberry for example. There are probably some good tracks with blackberry in the title.


I think anything more obscure than Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring should have the word ‘season’ in it as well. Obviously the small bear song is allowed in every round as an exception.:smile:

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Season of goodwill

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Is this a song about a small bear?

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