Music League: PRE SEASON... league... thing

A few people showed an interest in this when I mentioned it the league 4 thread. My idea was…

  1. We keep it to a small amount of people (I was thinking first 15 to put their name down at a certain date?)
  2. Have very brief rounds, probably 24 hours to submit and 24 hours to vote.
  3. Each person that enters can choose a round. Ideally the rounds will be simple (song from 2001, song featuring a saxophone etc) to keep it easier (it’s only pre season after all)
  4. Will probably keep it all to one thread too, no need to make numerous round thread when they’re so short and there’s not 50/60 people playing!

Was thinking maybe starting next Monday, so will probably put the call out for competitors on Friday or Saturday. First come, first serve style.

Also, if anyone has any other ideas, throw them this way!

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With fewer people I was wondering if it would be possible to do a YouTube round? Not sure how the voting would work but sure we could figure something out.

as in particular live videos that aren’t on Spotify, or something else?

IN also

gonna have to be careful i don’t spunk any of my key League 4 picks on the pre-season though …

Not on Spotify preferably, been a few things I wanted to submit that weren’t on it.

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could maybe submit something by the same band into the ML app and then just trust that people will check the related video for the correct song? as long as the band is on Spotify in some capacity

Unfortunately, I think the site only accepts links from Spotify. I guess if the song is on Spotify, you could submit that and then put the video version you want voted on in here? Not sure if that really suits the quick nature of the rounds, but if others are down to do it, I don’t see why not.

Come on without, come on within, ya ain’t seen nothin’ like the mighty IN

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Most definitely in. Would suggest 48 hours to listen/vote might be a little more manageable but I’ll be in regardless.

True. I might make it 15 people, but the first 10 choose the rounds? Trying to work it so it doesn’t encroach on league 4 too much.

IN - need to get match fit for the return of the full league.


Yeah, seems like too much of a logistical faff. The wait for Traumprinz’s Music League debut will have to continue.

One option would be to have two days to listen to/vote in each round, and instead of having the next round nomination start after that voting closes, have the nominations start 24hrs before the round closes - then as soon as the voting closes for one round, the playlist is up for the next. Would get through a round every 48 hours once it kicks in, could do 15 rounds in a calendar month.


Day 1: Round 1 nominations open 12pm
Day 2: Round 1 listening/voting window opens 12pm
Day 3: Round 2 nominations open 12pm
Day 4: Round 1 voting closes & Round 2 listening/voting window opens 12pm
Day 5: Round 3 nominations open 12pm
Day 6: Round 2 voting closes & Round 3 listening/voting window opens 12pm
Day 7: Round 3 nominations open 12pm
Day 8: Round 3 voting closes & Round 4 listening/voting window opens 12pm
and so on…

im in

Would love be IN if you’ll have me

Definitely IN if there’s room

Will have to sit this one out I’m afraid. Me rocking up first day of music league proper after you lot have have had a good pre-season under your belts:


IN please.

@Octobadger can you do that? I know if a round finishes early it automatically starts the next, so not sure if rounds crossing over is a thing?