Music League: PRE SEASON... league... thing

There are some long songs on this one! Going to be interesting. Like others, the only name I’m familiar with is Cay and I’ve never actually heard them before.

Not a lot in here that’s really grabbing me at the moment apart from my own song. Have literally no idea how i’m gonna allocate my points.

Really enjoying the mystery of this playlist. Might not be the absolute best in terms of quality but then these are obscure acts for one reason or another. Only recognised one act other than my own and that’s only from seeing them mentioned (jagged maybe) on here.

Also with a smaller field of entrants it’s quite fun trying to guess who submitted what.

Anon Poll:

  • I really like my own submission
  • I own music by the act I submitted
  • I have seen the act I submitted live
  • I know the act I submitted personally
  • I am the act I submitted

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woah this second track is … a lot

I was liking it to begin with, then it changed and I wasn’t too sure/felt like it had been playing for a long time at 6 minutes, and then found out there was another 12 minutes left! I skipped it then, but will see if I’m more in the mood for it again today

definitely too long but was still into it - gets a point for ambition imho

Hard disagree, could and should be longer (disclaimer: not my track).

More stuff in this one that I wasn’t all that fussed by, but a few total standouts to balance things out

Quite liked this round. Very much enjoying that there’s one song that’s captured the imagination of all 7 current voters too


Think I’d be happier with that then 1 point from 1 vote - not as good for winning the competition but clearly this track is working for some people.

votes and checks score

You all suck.

I just voted to see if that was my song, and it was! Up to 9 votes and 0 points now! doing better than I thought I would :smiley:

actually, excluding myself, everyone’s voted for my song so far!


The story of my music league so far. After missing the first two categories I got 12 voters for my crime and punishment choice (0 points) and 6 voters for YEOMAN (also 0 points). Looking to break my duck on this one.


Thought that track was you! I’ve made up for the - 2 I gave you in the first round now.

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Currently a deserving leader.

It’s absolutely run away with it too.

Think all the attention is now on whether everyone will vote for @paulo13’s track.


The negative votes are making things really interesting this round. At the moment the track with the most voters (11 people) is on 1 point in total and the track with the least amount of voters (my track) is breaking even on 0.

Definitely needing a couple more listens on this one before I feel able to vote compared to other playlists - only knew a couple of the artists before (Rob St John and Cay).

There’s time for 3.22 more listens before the voting closes at 8pm GMT.