Music League Round 10 - LOUD!

Yep it’s the final round which kicks off this Thursday!!
Topic is - Something that needs to be played loud!

All to play for. The winner after 10 rounds gets to pick the name for the next league and the themes for the next 10 rounds!!

Current leaderboard!!!

Top 3 from every round are in this fully updated playlist!

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ABJ (anyone but jook)


I’m going to try and work out spens song and give it 10 points

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I for one believe the mail in ballots will save us from four more years of Jook


I’m so near yet so spar


Im confident if I didn’t miss 2 leagues I would be at the very least sniffing Jokes bum

and how would you be doing in the league?


Oh, terribly, lower than Lost Astronaught


if you’re gonna subtweet at least get my username right! :grinning:


Anyway, I’ll have you know I’m in the top 10. Just.

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So I guess I’m doing terribly then :frowning: I need to up my game

I wish these threads had the link to the league in the OP, and the subject of the round in the title


I think you have the power to change at least one of those things. If not I’ll do it

I do, but the handful of times I’ve changed a thread title in the past, it’s not gone well

Link to league.

@moderators can you change the name of this thread to Music League Round 10 - LOUD!

  • I will play this playlist LOUDer than usual.
  • I will play this playlist at the same volume as the others.

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I feel like if you don’t you’re probably missing out.


I have a feeling people are just going to pick tunes that are obnoxiously aggressive, just for the sake of it. Really looking forward to it! :grimacing:

I’m struggling with my choice for this one! Which is surprising giving I’m a DJ who plays banging tunes. But people won’t like that stuff, for the most part, I feel.

So then I’m thinking of “obvious” bangers by well known bands I like, but I’m kind of feeling like I almost never want to pick tracks by super famous bands.

I’ll find something! Just lacking inspiration on this one so far…

got a proper banger lined up, lads

Meanwhile I have a proper non-banger lined up, lads