Music League Round 10 - LOUD!

I’ll play it very quietly. Anything that makes me want to turn the volume up clearly fits the brief and gets points

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With this being the last round of the first league and taking into account comments from players on these boards.
The awards at the end will be as follows:

1st Place - choose the name of the league and 5 rounds.

2nd Place - choose 3 rounds

3rd Place - choose 2 rounds

Hopefully everyone is happy with this and it seems a bit more inclusive

I love the music league. It’s genuinely great for a music nerd like myself to discover new acts and old acts.

I will contact the top 3 at the end of this round. Good luck!


This seems fair, thanks again for sorting it. Pay no attention to the whiners either, this has been a lot of fun.


The whining is part of the fun imo


Thank you. I’m really enjoying it!

It has been a lot of fun that turned oddly sour recently - keep going full steam ahead I say! I reckon the infighting will settle down when people start dropping off because they aren’t enjoying it for reason x/y/z

Think there is a sense of obligation to see this league out with some folk


I’ve got a list of 5 tracks that I love that haven’t really fitted the topics so far so I’m hoping that some future topics mean I might be able to shoehorn them into a playlist at some point.

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Update: I’ve decided against the 20min long track

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If I reach the podium I will shamelessly be picking categories around songs I want to pick. And if someone beats me to that song I will be so, so irked. And give it no points obviously


Hope my talking about my preferred scoring hasn’t been taken as part of the “whining” or “souring!” Apologies if so…

I was very careful to (truthfully!) Say I won’t mind if my method isn’t taken up! And that I’m REALLY enjoying it!

Could understand people saying they wanted the week 9 thread to stay for discussion about that. (I wasn’t aware there was a thread like this for general discussion!) But can’t understand people having an issue with “endless back and forth.”

In a forum, for opinions to be discussed?? Heaven forfend!

Anyway, I love this new rule :clap: and I’m fine with it if the scoring remains as is :+1:

Don’t think anyone would begrudge you picking a round yourself given that you’ve done literally all of the organising (so make it five picks for first, three for second and one for third, or four three two or something).


what’s this thread? OP doesn’t give me much to work with

Oh god, I posted that in the week 10 thread, not the general thread :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

My new favourite for this round is a remix, that I would potentially like to use in a “covers” round.

But, as we don’t know if a covers round will happen, or that people might be up in arms if a remix is used in a covers round, maybe I should go with it…

I’ve just picked 10 rounds. I’m more than happy for the podium winners to have their say.
I’m looking forward to the upcoming topics!

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Same rules in the future. 10 points. Use them however you see fit.


Thanks for organising it all, it has been a brilliant distraction and given is something that we haven’t had for a long time, an event! Can’t decide which bit I like best, think it might be the initial unveiling of the playlist.


I might put my foot down at Christmas and do a Christmas songs round though!


I think in future a raffle system would be neato - dont want to discourage people from posting obscure stuff and that way everyone will get a go!


Great idea.