Music League Round 10 - LOUD!

Like start of the league ask ‘who wants to pick a round’ then everyone that says aye gets put in the random generator/hat and then gets given their week and then you reveal all the categories (number of rounds being the number who suggest leagues) and then eureka!

If there are duplicate ideas just tell the person and they can pick another (or perhaps get people to send 3 suggestions at a time and rank the priority)


Sorry guys, I’m quite new. How do I participate?

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Here’s the league.

We are currently on round 9 of a 10 round league. You can still join for the last round if you like. The next 10 rounds will start next week. I’ll post links when it starts.
Basically you post your song choice for the given round in the form of a Spotify link. The playlist gets published then usually within 2-4 days you distribute 10 points however you want to your favourite songs. Could be 10 points to one track or 5 points to one track them one point to 5 other tracks. Whatever you want. After the deadline the leader board is published along with comments which you can make for each track.

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Maybe I’m being a bit thick, but I can’t see how to vote for the animals one yet.

The animals round is live at the moment and you need to have submitted a track to be able to vote

You’ll be able to submit a track for the Loud round tomorrow and can take part in that round

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Ah, OK. :slight_smile: That makes sense. So I should get my LOUD song ready…

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Submissions open from 2pm!

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60 tracks every few days is too much

i’d be so up for 3 20 person leagues with promotion and relegation. coorrrrrrrrr


But you said you weren’t joining the next one :thinking:


We could switch it to every 4-7 days. Don’t really want to break it up because I feel people could miss out on the songs. The fun. The chat etc etc.

i would if it wasn’t so overwhelming and if everyone chilled out a bit


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And it would be complicated! At the moment it’s nice and simple.


it’s not in my nature

I’ve enjoyed this whole thing and encourage more of it to happen and I’ve scored as well as I expected and have discovered some good tracks and have left some witty comments and have enjoyed reading some comments and have been happy this thing existed and have used it as a distraction from work and life and Have liked having some directed listening to do and maybe more stuff that I’ve forgotten


2 x 30 people leagues wouldn’t be too much of a compromise, but especially when DiS decides to choose more abstract music, it’s harder to find time to play the playlists.

Nope dealbreaker soz


Wait, wait. I’ve just done loads of apologising for talking about the points earlier, and now NEW changes are being discussed, NOT in the general thread, by people who were complaining about the points discussion??


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mate, please don’t mention the points