🎷 Music League - Round 10 🎷 The Yeoman’s Revenge - Dance Floor 🎷

This one kicks off on Friday. A track to get you on the Dance floor.
It’s the Penultimate round of this League. Lots of prizes to play for…

Finding this round as hard as the falling in love round to choose something for

just going for the first one to pop up in my mind

it’s a good 'un and I am excited to see how it does

does this have to be something you’re actually like to hear anywhere near a dancefloor, or can be the dancefloor be hypothetical?

got some good dancey ones in mind but can’t imagine hearing them on an actual night out

follow your heart/feet

different interpretations are a good thing, yeh?

Its been so long since I’ve had the chance for a song to pull me onto the dancefloor that I legit don’t know which song to pick

yeah no clues for this one

About Work The Dancefloor would have been pretty ideal …

None of you liked that song so none of you can pick it

i gave one point!

This was my 2nd round pick. I was thinking of a track that would get you up & physically dancing in whichever style you’d decide. It was inspired by hearing a track I hadn’t heard in a while & it compelling me to have a dance around in the kitchen much to @brightlight 's amusement.

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Looking forward to winning this one by about a million points.

I’m also wondering whether I can choose something really danceable but that you might not hear in a club, if that makes sense. Is that OK, oh Gods of music league?

Absolutely fine, I wasn’t thinking strictly clubs, more any dancefloor: wedding, school disco, your kitchen floor etc

Just a track you enjoy that makes you feel the need to move.



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I’ve got one! Absolutely nailed on to win! nine points


all my instinctive choices are pretty obvious, i’m not good at obscure dancefloor bangers

I have one track for this and that’s about it. Really not getting hit by inspiration. The only time I dance these days is to the Trolls 2 soundtrack with the kids.


I have never danced.

Does a song that would theoretically make you want to jump up and down at a concert count?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Judging based on how much the song makes you want to dance
  • Acknowledging it makes the submitter want to dance, and judging based on how much you like the song

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For me, the crux of this is having a good rhythm. Doesn’t need to be dance music per se, rock and metal clubs have dancefloors, but it has to make you want to move in accordance with the songs rhythm, which can be jumping in rhythm but not merely jumping up and down in excitement.


Surely there must be some banging Pumpkins Remixes you could pick?